Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Half dead Whitebeard one-shot Akainu

This chapter confirms a serious, healthy Yonko curbstomps an Admiral. Luffy is Akainu level and Kaido is tossing him about like a BITCH
Crybaby wants some more Zorobrainer wisdom? Say no more. :goyea:

What everyone is missing is that LAW DIDNT SHAMBLE ZORO OUT OF HAKAI.
Luffy, Killer and Kidd are jumping out of the Hakai's way, Law is standing still and shambling HIMSELF out of the way, NOT Zoro.
Zoro took the attack head on and deflected it diagonally upwards.
If Zoro was shambled out of it, he would take no damage and attack would proceed to go horizontally!
Dont ask for Zorobrainer wisdom if you are not ready to take the entire load. :myman:

Topi-chin, what do you mean "actually right"?

I thought I was always right. :yearight:
Jokes aside, two very different combatants and one is a very bad match-up for the other.
Should not be compared with each other, imo.

I think the progress is close to non existent in One Piece unlike for the Saiyans from DB.
It is only true when the bloom is tangible - FS PU, aCoA PU and so on.
Zoro flexing his physical strength and Haki to deflect an attack is not a PU as a result of blocking that attack.
It is using already existing means to deal with it. A bloom would be something new.

Zoro has been a top tier the whole time in post TS, he just didnt have two Emperors ganging up on him to show his limits.
When it comes to PU for Zoro in Wano, I dont think he will have any. He is yet to show his best offense.
If it is as good as his defense shown in this chapter, we are in for hell of a treat - as expected of god mode Asura. :catrude:
Maybe forging a Black Blade and already acquired ability of cutting fire which is circumstantial convenience rather than a PU.
You are right.

We see the attack going beneath Zoro which indicates he was able to get out of the path on his own. The spoiler provider just assume Law did because they saw Law using his technique.

Zoro escape the attack on his own. That makes it more impressive and gives him a greater feat.
I know that's impressive so far but if Kaido's strongest attacks actually lay waste on the Wano country itself, this would outperform Kaido's and Big Mom's current technique IMO
Onigashima actually isn't that big, if you compare it to ships around it. Wano however is a full blown country with days of travel time. No character can lay waste to it with one attack.
Aren't wado become black blade is end game material? By that time zoro ~ shanks or even >= shanks, and ready to challenge mihawk and claim his trophy :cheers:
Most likely late game material at least I would say yes.

Like penetration CoA for example, which Zoro will probably learn.

Fitting for a match against Mihawk most probably.

And I believe black blades don't store haki or else Zoro would of cut Monet despite not willingful to. Maybe they gain a property to become harder or so.


𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐧𝐧𝐲 𝐏𝐞𝐭
I just noticed there's no black lightning around Kaido's and Big Mom's weapons for the Hakai.

Could they be able to perform an amped up Haki boosted version of this ? :quest:
Nah, there's black lightning:

You do have a point that there's much less haki enhancement than e.g. Kaido's Three World Ragnarok. Perhaps a stronger version is possible, but I'm not sure. This was still an attack the Yonkou used to try and kill the Roof Five in one shot. Before launching it, Kaido asks Mama if she's still in shape to perform it. I don't think they were holding themselves back when they used it.
@Paperchampion23 @LuthonTheDragDown still want that 1v1 with king
with how much damage he's taken?

Now would be the time to do it because everyone who thinks Zoro is beyond King (rightfully so) can at least agree that it would be a decent fight since he's weaker now.

I'd say let's wait and see what happens to Marco, Yamato, and Sanji. If none actually fight King...it would have to be Zoro right?
Onigashima actually isn't that big, if you compare it to ships around it. Wano however is a full blown country with days of travel time. No character can lay waste to it with one attack.
Onigashima's size was calced here. I think it's quite consistent.

Also, feat inflation can always happen. Only because no character has done that yet doesn't mean it's not possible.
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