Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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How on earth did he break Sanji if there isnt a huge gulf in power between them?
well if he was condescending he wouldn't exclaim at sanji in anger to stop interfering in his business yet he was the first one to leave after he was being stalemated by broke leg sanji..

And idk how mentioning it was his best leg block ever would change the fact that he was nerfed prior to the fight yet kept up with Vergo... and out maneuvering Vegro twice in his nerfed state which himself points out that he was..
the clash wasn't even an all out battle plus for the record sanji does pretty well with opponents with good durability.. in this case he was just nerfed so this was inconclusive.. but he got vegro real pissed when he landed another shot that flung Vergo into a wall.. you can see that by his face and nerves on it... patronizing is what he did to smoker.
just wanted to say Zolo and Erza comparison was always accurate

and Zolo latest feat prove it, both characters show feats that doesn't make any sense because the author is concerned about making them look cool more than he's concerned with good writing

both shit characters that can't be taken seriously for the same reason
Going down deep into the sanji fandom this week be like:
First of all, people should not make a distinction betweeen G4 Luffy and base Luffy when taking hits to the face. That's what Thunder Bagua aims for. First time, Kaido smashed Luffy's head with Thunder Bagua, so it doesn't matter if it was G4 or not, his head won't become more resistant. Second time, even though Luffy saw the future and partially dodged, Thunder Bagua still hit hard enough for Luffy to fall down and having to recover, holding his head and having Zoro interfere with Big Mom. Again, Thunder Bagua is a special move from Kaido. Not just a club swing, but you have Kaido charging with his entire body at high speeds to hit you into the head. Plus, let's not forget that it's Luffy. His growth is always insane, which includes his endurance too. That's why he even tanked Boro Breath easily.

Lee Ba Shou

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and we had Luffy train for several weeks to overcome that gap
No, Luffy had to train for weeks to unlock a Kaido specific form of haki. He was training to be able to hurt Kaido, not to get closer to him in strength.

Kaido was never far from Luffy in power, even in base form Luffy can fight his hybrid form and tank multiple blows from him.


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Being teleported and coughing blood is proof that you can tank something now, only in a zorotard brain :cheers:
Crybaby wants some more Zorobrainer wisdom? Say no more. :goyea:

What everyone is missing is that LAW DIDNT SHAMBLE ZORO OUT OF HAKAI.
Luffy, Killer and Kidd are jumping out of the Hakai's way, Law is standing still and shambling HIMSELF out of the way, NOT Zoro.
Zoro took the attack head on and deflected it diagonally upwards.
If Zoro was shambled out of it, he would take no damage and attack would proceed to go horizontally!
Dont ask for Zorobrainer wisdom if you are not ready to take the entire load. :myman:
Holy shit.. you're actually right

Yes, post TS Luffy doesn't have a chance to win against post TS Zoro.
Not only he lacks AP to KO the Endurance God, but back then G4 also still had very short time limit..
Topi-chin, what do you mean "actually right"?

I thought I was always right. :yearight:
Jokes aside, two very different combatants and one is a very bad match-up for the other.
Should not be compared with each other, imo.

Yeah you right, so far Zoro didnt get pushed to his limit so this was actually his current level (we can say that Enma training made him more used to control hacky). What I mean is that from now on, Zoro will have this hacky bloom, he was in an extreme situation, this situation push your line of limit to an other level (it is like dragon Ball, Sayan that are in situation where they can die, and survive they become way stronger) and that works also for One Piece. Rayleigh explained that to Luffy.
Expect a hacky bloom from Zoro very soon.
I think the progress is close to non existent in One Piece unlike for the Saiyans from DB.
It is only true when the bloom is tangible - FS PU, aCoA PU and so on.
Zoro flexing his physical strength and Haki to deflect an attack is not a PU as a result of blocking that attack.
It is using already existing means to deal with it. A bloom would be something new.

Zoro has been a top tier the whole time in post TS, he just didnt have two Emperors ganging up on him to show his limits.
When it comes to PU for Zoro in Wano, I dont think he will have any. He is yet to show his best offense.
If it is as good as his defense shown in this chapter, we are in for hell of a treat - as expected of god mode Asura. :catrude:
Maybe forging a Black Blade and already acquired ability of cutting fire which is circumstantial convenience rather than a PU.


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Now that we know Zoro is the official ENDURANCE GOD again (after East Blue of him already endured Mihawk's Yoru attack and only seeing the injury made Arlong shitted his pants; and Thriller Bark incident where Zoro kept standing while Luffy already passed out since beginning and Sanji was KOed by sword hilt). (I was kinda pessimistic with whole Endurance God thing after Oda went full mentally deranged with Kamazo scene)

Now that ENDURANCE GOD is back, Endurance God that ate Indra and Hakai but still not going down... I am thinking about putting him in handicapped match
a. Post TS Zoro vs whole New Fishman Pirates full steroids
b. Post TS Zoro vs Ceasar Clown, Vergo, Monet, Baby 5, Buffalo and all of Ceasar's goons
c. Post TS Zoro vs Doffy, Pica, Trebol, Diamante
d. Same as C but add all normal executives: Dellinger, Lao G, Machvise, Senor Pink etc
e. Post TS Zoro vs all post TS Straw Hats (no Jinbe)

All are straight from timeskip version, means Zoro doesn't have Enma but has Shusui and Luffy still has Dressrosa level Gear 4 time limit and Sanji is still Sanji not Judge's son.

Can Zoro clear all 5 rounds? He is healed to 100% after every round.
I think Zoro will have some difficulty starting round C. But again he is Endurance God who ate Indra and Hakai but still standing. While post WCI Luffy already slept to 1 Thunder Bagua. So yeah, no one in 5 rounds will have enough AP to actually KO the Endurance God.
@HA001 @Cinera etc.
More feats for Endurance God Zoro:

I don't think D makes any difference to C. If Zoro can clear C he should be able to clear D. I don't think Zoro at the beginning of timeskip could clear C.

From this -

To this -

Doesn't matter what comes his way, Zoro will meet it head on, and put the safety of others before himself, and subsequently makes it his strength to press on against the burden. Luffy is insanely lucky to have him on his crew. Truly one of a kind.
I was waiting for your comment on Zoro's moment here. It was everything I hoped for.

lol cinera
you wont be satisfied?
marco and beckman
are in that bracket.
  • Beckmann is an unknown
  • Marco cannot block Hakai
  • Marco does not have any attacks that can cut Kaido

Zoro is stronger than Marco. The only stats Marco has above Zoro are:
  • Stamina
  • Endurance
Offensive prowess, defensive prowess and COA all go to Zoro by a mile.

Probably. But one thing that'll always stop me from placing Zoro above Luffy is that I don't see Zoro following someone who's weaker than him. Like never. Even in FI, Zoro himself said that Luffy needed to step down as captain if he didn't at least have CoC.
That was normal banter and nothing serious on Zoro's part. Zoro laid down his life to protect Luffy and declared that if he couldn't protect Luffy's ambition his own ambition is worthless. Powerlevels have no influence on Zoro's loyalty to Luffy. He has already put aside his life, his dream and his own desires for Luffy. He's not going to suddenly renege on all that if Luffy was stronger than him.

Is it absurd to put Zoro at admiral level?:choppawhat:
I have Santoryu Zoro above Marco but below Base Kaido. I consider that level to be low top tier. I have Sakazuki on par with Hybrid Kaido and think Issho (giving him the benefit of the doubt should be on par with Base Kaido).
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Luffy will 1v1 Meme. Whether it's this arc or the next. It will happen.
She will get the Don Chinjao treatment and be friends with the strawhats.

Katakuri will move onwards to rival Luffy.
Katakuri Pirates will assist Luffy in the final war.
Katakuri will get haki boost + Top Tier Recognition.
Katakuri Pirates will be to Strawhats what the WB pirates was to Roger.
I like the idea but I just don't see Luffy beating her in Elbaf in a 1 on 1. Any Luffy other than EOS aint defeating her in a fair 1 on 1 but I see what you are saying with the Chinjao treatment. You think Luffy will permanently turn her into O-Lin in Elbaf???

I mean, it's clear Kaido still hasn't shown everything yet. He's getting started with his hybrid form and looking at the fact how casual Kaido and Big Mom were with their attempt to nuke the supernovas, it's not unlikely that Kaido can even show better stuff than that.

The shockwave from Zoro blocking Hakai has a radius in the tens of kilometres:
I know that's impressive so far but if Kaido's strongest attacks actually lay waste on the Wano country itself, this would outperform Kaido's and Big Mom's current technique IMO.
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