Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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You though for the combo attack of Kaido+Linlin?
I would like to see it in lighter/clearer panels but yeah it looks like one of the stronger attacks in the series as the provider initially said. I think Zoro actually absorbed a good chunk of the intial force otherwise it would have decimated the skull looking at it. Kaido and Big Mom were really trying to end things there.
In my defense, I haven't really had the experience of debating Nat on One Piece (outside of profile posts). I mainly stay away from the Admirals vs Yonkou threads.
Its mostly the same profile pages or elsewhere, the use of the emotes basically gave it away lol. Tho if Hero Garp hadn’t come out with his thread I wouldn’t have suspected any other accounts.


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You’re not fooling me with this dupe @Natalija , the overuse with the emotes is a dead give away lmaoo.
Garp’s dupe was far more unpredictable.
Garp trolled me hard. I though what an idiot joined this forum? God have mercy with us. :milaugh::milaugh::milaugh:
I swear he got me.
Wait, was the guy crying about the mods Garp's dupe? I placed them on ignore after seeing a couple of their posts and that they had just joined.

it was like: "wow, I'm really not going to enjoy what they have to say".

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Back When They Called Us Devils
Sanji will get panel time* vs Zoro surpassing Mihawk (i.e., WSS)
You know when you think about it, Sanji hasn't even gotten into a proper fight with even a Tobi Roppo lmao
Respect 611pages, the third highest spoiler thread in the history of worstgen, only chapter 1003(665) and chapter 1000(701) have more pages. Showing how insane good this chapter was, rooftop was overall godlike(right @Cinera ?).

@Buusatan94 , @Kejon
The more I think so more i believe that Big mom could make a new homie, also I believe the Big mom pirates show up soon, Oda not bring them for nothing, I still expect Greenbull in wano.
Imagine a top tier battle, without holding back, like at this chapter in rooftop between Greenbull vs Big mom.
And Chaton+Momousagi vs Smoothie and Snack(or Compote)...
This is the effect of a rooftop chapter on the fanbase. Roof Piece is unparalleled :finally:


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Remember when people said King Punch could knock out Zoro or better even a yonkou? When few people argue with saying King Punch was Yonkou lvl attack? Remember?
King punch is trash in compare to Yonkou lvl attacks.
King's Punch is by no means a weak attack. It is looking pale compared to Hakai but that's Two Emperors combined.
When it comes to ranged attacks, King's Punch is still top 5.
Hakai>Hiryu Kaen~Tsunami slash~Gura punch>King's Punch>rest.
Luffy is probably a bit above Zoro atm. With Luffy, he's a better all rounder but there's certain power moves Zoro excels in that even Luffy can't match.
Saying that Luffy is equal to Zoro is already cringe enough.
Saying that he is a bit above Zoro is complete nonsense.
No matter what you pick, offense or defense, he is so far behind Zoro that it is ridiculous to consider them in the same category.
After this chapter I am convinced that mihawk is yonko level :usoprice:
You didnt believe my lectures so far? :mihugh:
Pre-TS Zoro was known for getting very Injured & Bloody against many Opponents
But Post-TS Zoro hardly got Injured badly, it was actually after +400 Chapters that Oda finally gave him a Serious Injury (Against Killer)
However it still wasn't similar to Pre-TS Zoro Situations

This week, you got your Answer
It's because only Two Yonko combined can manage to Heavily Injure Post-TS Zoro

This is why Fujitora saved Doflamingo
And this is why Zoro was Absent in WCI Arc
And why Oda didn't allow him to meet Kaido in First Act
And why he added Big Mom on the Roof

Actually if you think about it, Big Mom's Sole Contribution in this Fight was help Take Down Zoro
Other than that, she simply delayed the other Four in fighting Kaido

Plot demands Zoro to be Nerfed always so Luffy can Shine
Nothing but facts. :catrude:
But Marco is there fighting King and he can weaken King enough for RS Sanji to finish the job.
Idk it feels ironic people calling Yamato vs king when she has shown too little to be compared to what sanji has shown..

Sanji vs King i see Sanji fighting a high-extreme diff on equal footing
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King's Punch is by no means a weak attack.
he was struggling to land a kick against sanji
well so much for that
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