Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Kitetsu Wanker
Is Zoro closer to his Thriller bark state or the Baratie one?
After seeing the last panel of him,he's pretty fucked up and vomits blood in large quantities.
Oda also highlighted his state at the very end of the chapter,it will probably be relevant in the next ones.
He is still in a good condition but he needs a break.
He was doing fine and dealing with Prometheus after Hakai.
Zoro's in critical condition => his haki might power up
Not critical enough. He might show Asura tho. :catpole:
It's gonna happen soon. Zoro's going to cut a mountain which is larger than an island (16km in width) in width AND massively dwarfs said island in height.
Why do you want to bully mt Fuji? :mihugh:
He never tank at the first place lool
He injured himself then and is coughing up blood?
Candy boy, you need lessons in OP combat? :yearight:
Post wano Zoro would neg diff Doflamingo
Current Zoro already low diff his ass
There is no difference between pre Wano Zoro and post Wano Zoro, it is the same guy unless some actual power up happens.
Fishman Island Zoro who is the current Zoro, rapes Doffy. Oda used Fujitora for a reason, been saying it for years...
Not open for further replies.