How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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Nah man, it's supposed to be One Piece's biggest battle/war. We've been waiting for Wano for about ten years. There is absolutely no fucking tension. Even with the 2 yonkos on the roof there weren't any.
Luffy who gains 5 powers up in 1 week of training with Hyogoro with his flashback instinct and masters the advanced COA and COC in 1 WEEK you realize ??
Marco takes the two most powerful calamities on his own. There is NO fucking deaths I can't anymore
one piece's biggest war is after wano,
people still misinterpreting this news:mihugh:
There's no such thing as fodderization in a fight between SNs, that's obvious, but Hawkins and Killer fought the same opponent (Zoro) in 2 different situations and the one who came out of that as the better fighter is Killer.
Wait. Luffy was there too, so it wasn't totally fair either. Hawkins managed to hurt Zoro and actually took no damage at all, whatsoever. That confrontation made Hawkins look really good. Hawkins has a very real possibility to come out victorious.
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