How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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So the current matchups:

- Luffy vs Kaido
- Kid vs Big Mom (he's going after her still)
- Jinbe vs Whos Who
- Franky vs Sasaki
- Robin/Brook vs Black Maria
- Nami/Usopp vs Ulti
- Drake vs Apoo
- Killer vs Hawkins (somehow Hawkins is still bad)

That leaves the 3 Calamities still, Perospero, Page 1 (if he recovers), Marco, Chopper, Sanji, Yamato, Zoro (if he recovers too) and Law to fight them.

No idea where this is currently going, but hopefully P1 is given to Chopper cause that works technically. I have no issue with Usopp and Nami tagging Ulti, that's actually way better than both soloing a F6 each
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