How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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She does look strong... She is manhandeling Kid Killer and Page one... But she WILL NOT be a threat... like from the moment she got solo’d by King in Act 2, Oda has kept her threat level VERY consistent

Killer even stopped caring... Its ridiculous if you think about it... Killer CHOOSES to fight Hawkins instead of continuing to fight the Yonko who he knows is still active... Its actual lunacy how much Oda is saying she doesnt matter
Now, this does prove that Hawkins in fact matters a lot and is a big threat :steef:

But it is sad what Oda does to Big Mom. She is considered to be equal to Kaido and yet she acts like this....
So explain this to me, Big Mom knows Tama is friendly with the Straw Hats, yet earlier in the raid she was looking to kill them. Why is she suddenly helping them?
Sureee Big Mom has such a sudden interest for kids... meanwhile this was her reaction when Momonsuke was about to get executed. This is looking like a plot device
Plot hole again... first wb, rayleigh or shanks didnt care about oden's death, now this shit happens....

Oda really need a break for 1 or 2 month, the story pacing is really slow and getting repetitive, its hard to defend him anymore
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