How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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Nah man, it's supposed to be One Piece's biggest battle/war. We've been waiting for Wano for about ten years.

There is absolutely no fucking tension. Even with the 2 yonkos on the roof there weren't any.

Luffy who gains 5 powers up in 1 week of training with Hyogoro with his flashback instinct and masters the advanced COA and COC in 1 WEEK you realize ??

Chopper bitch-slapping Queen

Marco taking the two most powerful calamities on his own. There is NO fucking deaths I can't anymore
Their is no tension, nothing just characters running and wasting time. Build up who doesn't make sense with Kid leaving Luffy alone to Kaido. Strawhats fucking get outshinned by a 8 years old girl and yoi call it character building @Isaac Netero ? This girl is here only to work as plotarmor, making a army who waiting to see over 8years pointless, making the war to a joke and changing a Big mom on her side, a Big mom who kill people/children in past because she didn't get food,a yonkou who get humalited in every aspect by Oda and you call this character bulding?

We really have people who defend this shit? Outside of the rooftop(where Luffy magically get adv CoC in no time) everything is garbage. Nothing to worth to call a good writing war. Asspulls here and their taking by fucking useless character who outshinning the strawhats and beast pirates.

We wait over 6-7 years for this shit only to see Tama outshinning our strawhats? You can take this nonsense with character building and move to reddit where the other morons think this is actually a good chapter,same morons who call out other mangaka who do similar think in their own manga.
Enies Lobby , Marineford...
These are the two arcs that make One Piece legendary.. not that fan service, shitty story, pointless power up's and a fucking onigashima raid
Keep going like that Eiichiro Oda and ruin everything you build in 20 years
I am looking forward to it.
Because otherwise, the point that he has been milking the series, wont be proven right.
Absolute chaos. I enjoy. One good thing is Oda didn't make alliance beating 2 emperors. This shit is better. I just hope that Bigmom relation just restricted to Tama for the time being. Bigmom can become straw hat ally but not now.
Well Luffy wasn't really a factor there, he just threw a lizard at Hawkins and the latter impaled it. I could give Hawkins the edge in a preppy scenario, where he can make use of his strategic skills, but in a -keep-my-pace- battle which requires more adaptability my money are all on Killer tbh.
You're right with Hawkins. If he can prepare beforehand, then he'll have an advantage. However, he had a lot of time now and I think he came up with something great. It could very well be a draw.
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