How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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So Big Mom just displayed Shanks' special ability on top of having a devil fruit and better physical strength...

In the moment when Luffy learn all three versions, when Kaido had on his own adv CoC, I kinda know that guys like Garp,Shanks,Mihawk and the others must have something in slave who make them even stronger.
Best example Roger, Whitebeard probablly had adv CoC and adv CoA and his version was in same lvl as Roger, how Roger then match Whitebeard Gura power if his own adv CoC was at same lvl as Whitebeard adv CoC.
I assume like with adv CoA we gonna get two stages of adv CoC, the last stages is probably something like Ashura(because that Kaido call it CoC) with make Garp and coo strong enough to deal with Kaido and the others df powers who also are probably awakenend.

Since Big mom was portrayal Kaido, I assume she has her own "hybrid version" where she fuse with her homies.
Also Big mom not yet use her awakenend power(and based on Bullet we know awakening power from top tiers are insane) so I assume Kaido has his awakenend power too..
Sabo who just got his DF and didn't use his named attacks :myman:
Best swordman of WB crew whose portrayal is just behind Marco and Jozu was happy that Mihawk knew his name and couldn't touch him in the day dream mode :myman:
We haven't seen the battle since it was off-screened and both acknowledged that Fuji was holding back while Mihawk had no such argument.

While Sabo is the Nr.2 of the revos, Vista is getting ordered around by Marco and introduced with the likes of Squard, not mentioning he 2v1 fought a Vice admiral giant

Sabo claps even without Mera Mera

Jew D. Boy

I Can Go Lower
He also says that Otama and BM's relationship is like Satan and Buu from DBZ
Well, there we go!! Majin Mama’s defection to the good guys begins...why not make Tama give her some kibi dango and have it tame a Yonko like it does the SMILE users even though Linlin’s DF isn’t the right kind for that sort of thing?? If you think that’s dumb, fuck you; you’ll read it anyway, you dumb cocksuckers!! :gokulaugh::milaugh::luffylaugh::cantseeme::leohah:
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