How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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it depends from person to person... kid needs to assert to get things attracted while Sugar just touches people and they become dolls.. and roam where every they what... and plus the DF user must be in a state of shock and kid wasn't.. so its highly Likely he leg go of the scrap and the box while he was falling down... kid doesn't seem like a man of focus but that is what his ability requires when attracting scarp.. if he looses it.. he loose the grip on then too
DF just works, they don't need focus, still it require some thinking and training to get used to once the user achieved that it just becomes muscle memory, take cracker for example he just creates a strong looking soldiers with just a clap giving them strong haki and unlimited stamina, doflamingo's awakening didn't look like a focus demanding process, it just works
now law could be wrong and kid intentionally released zeus because he thinks it's not a threat any more, being weakened just looks like a poor excuse to me
admirals are also TT lol
No indication.
No Future Sight.
No Advanced Ryou.
No CoC, let alone Advanced.
Unable to fodderise YCs.
Hawkins's stat comparison of Kaido and Kizaru.
Apoo afraid of going against Yonko, while brazenly sought out and attacked Kizaru.
Doffy unafraid of facing AdmiraLs while pissed his pants at the thought of Kaido's anger.
Orochi openly declaring Larines can do nothing to take Wano as long as Kaido is ruling.
Gorosei treat Shanks with respect while make Bakainu their Bitch.'
Aokiji working under BB.
I think its more a prime example to stop taking titles so seriously in the hands of villains and antagonists.

Hes literally as strong as BM, that right there puts his title into question. I could have told you this was going to happen 2 years ago
So, mihawk WSS is a joke too...wouldnt that make zoro dream a joke as well or some double standard is needed here...

Kaido strongest creature is NOT actually strongest
Mihawk strongest swordman IS actually strongest swordman that stands above every swordman.
Well I profusely thought about the first point and the thing is Mihawk has been consistently portrayed as WSS throughout the story so no substantial reason the material isn't most likely valid.

About the other point, it didn't say or implicate Vista = Mihawk, a matter of competing. A third class player can compete with Haaland and Mbappe since they are all pro.
LMAO. Mihawk is the definition of featlessness
Databook and manga both showed Vista superiority over Mihawk.
just to throw in. Luffys Garp would be coby if we would want to force that idea...
Yes without forgetting Cobby you are right. At first I thought Smoker was one of Luffy's "Garps" But the point is, Luffy has overtaken Smoker in power and Smoker has no room for improvement any longer makes me think Coby might actually look like “Luffy's Garp”.

You see how Coby is progressing he is progressing even faster than Luffy so yes he will catch up with Luffy and compete with him very soon
Am I the only one who's more hyped for Killer v Hawkins than Luffy v Kaido? :steef::suresure:

No you are not. I am hyped for killers fight. People need to remember that hawkins words are going bite luffy in the butt. Or do people forget that he mentioned someone only having a 1percent chance of surviving the night. So I am more focused on how killer gonna handle hawkins since I still clearly see luffy losing against kaido


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Why Kid haters are also zorofanboys?
Not necessarely. But most people in the forum are Zorofans, so its just assumable that it seems like you think. But also like someone said yesterday (was it @LANJI CUCKSMOKE ? ), its just that some fandoms fight for the place of the "2 or 3 strongest" character. And competition needs to be fighted. I am just happy and proud that the small Kid fandom doesnt fall into that trolling-fights.


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LMAO. Mihawk is the definition of featlessness
Databook and manga both showed Vista superiority over Mihawk.
Lol no.

Also remember that not even in the manga Kaido is consistently titled as strongest creature the way Mihawk is labeled strongest swordsman.

So from there we derive that he probably still doesn't feature in the databooks for a reason.
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