Who will Knock Out Sanji?

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These boneheads think we're embellishing about Zoro. Luffy's third time getting knocked out by the same guy and he's still getting lectured on his foolishness. Zoro is the BETTER fighter regardless of whatever power level bullshit you think
You are wrong. Oda treating Luffy like a shit as a fighter since timeskip. Pre TS Luffy won't have this many chances. Pre TS Luffy would have improved his stats, could have learnt FS properly already, could have found alternative for G4 by now. Even his best stat endurance has severely regressed. I bet even next time if Luffy faces Kaidou, he will lose in a similar way.
No one is asking them to fight Kaido or BM.
Every crew mate of Luffy must be strong enough to fight 1v1 with BB and his crew.
Again what that has to do with standing against an Emperor at full power?
The OP was clearly criticizing their attitude towards the situation when in reality they isn't much they can do against a full power Emperor infront of them.
Buggy is part of Pirate King crew and Whitebeard is not, sooo?
Because Roger's final enemy were Rocks, Kaido and BM.
Roger, Rayleigh and Garp were strong enough to handle them. Plus WB joined him.
But Luffy has to fight BB and his crew. Every one from BB's crew is far more superior (If not 100% in brute strength then in cruelty and cunningness) than Luffy and his crew.
How is ussop supposed to fight that sniper from BB's crew if all he can do is run with his penis tucked between ass cheeks?
I just got whole idea behind Kaido's words:
"It's been a while since I've been this fired up... but I've made a mistake, I should have cut off your head and declared 'victory'.
Because people won't stop believing in you, right?"

Kaido looks super angry/frustrated and also disappointed. He says that he made a mistake, because he should have killed luffy, as you know Kaido could easily transform into the dragon form and kill luffy flying down the sea. However Kaido does nothing, why?
Because the words "Because people won't stop believing in you, right?" are meant to Kaido himself. He was fired up in the battle because he finally found a guy who possibly could kill him.
Kaido wants to be killed in the fair battle, facing an overwhelming power and that's why he can't kill luffy right now, because he still believes in his victory, that's why Kaido's face is so tragic. ( Kaido is luffy's fan right now. Kaido: "Come on Luffy, you could kill me, just do it" )

What do you think?
So Kaido became Donut Boy 2.0. Instead of using his brain for once and kill the threat outright, he'll instead keep goofing around like a clown then proceed to eat dirt after Luffy gets his daily intake of Zenkai Boosts. Makes sense.
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