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Senor Pink on the prowl for ladies, Sanhawk and his legendary blade Zoru slaying :pepehands:, and Yamato ready to "browbeat" the dragon daddy. What a nice chapter.

The Hunter finally finds his prey. I'll never get tired of Sanji suddenly popping in to attack someone. Sanji with one kick: 1) breaks Queen's retractable needle teeth, 2) makes Queen spin like a rotisserie, 3) blocks Perospero's arrow barrage, 4) sends Peros flying with white eyes, 5) saves Chopper while carrying Zoro. One of his best entrances in the series. Very reminiscent of Jabra about to finish off Usopp with his wolf claws only to get sent flying with a kick to the face, you can even go further with Sanji first losing to Black Maria/Kalifa. It's followed by a nice speech as well. Just when all the samurai begin to panic over the announced fates of Luffy and the Scabbards, Sanji kicking the largest monster on the floor and telling the ugly crying Monster Chopper to get it together (might have been pain tears honestly, ouch) signals to the allied force that it's too early to give up and that the Strawhats are used to making miracles out of impossible situations.

I wonder if Chopper plans on treating Zoro in Monster Point, otherwise the talk of side effects last chapter may mean nothing if he simply cancels the form.

OMG they killed Kinny. Again. Protecting Momo and fighting Kaido were Kin'emon's main reasons for continuing as he believed his wife Tsuru died in Holdem's fire. It's tragic but beautiful that he musters everything he has left in his pathetic state to poke Kaido, making him turn around and waste a few more seconds monologuing. Kin'emon mentioned earlier how there was no honor dying to Kaido, and true to his word he gets shish kebab'd in a shameful stab to the back using Kiku's blade. At least now we know that when Kaido truly feels like killing someone, he'll drop the club and reach for the nearest gun or sword.:catblush:

Drowning Luffy kept afloat by the VOAT. Momo has a nice moment relaying Luffy's message while on the lam from Kaido and just witnessing Kin fall. Like he's collecting himself while boosting everyone's morale. Luffy being the telepath speed dialing Momo was a quite a surprise. VOAT users can not only communicate with each other, but Luffy mastered this to such an extent that he's spam calling from an unconscious water-weakened body all the way to the sky. This goes back to their first battle when Kaido felt he was being stared down by a konked out Luffy. Luffy's will never gave in even if his physical body could not keep up. Luffy is leading the raiders and giving everyone hope even while drowning. Stunning. The Polar Tang was the most reasonable rescue device, shutting down outside guest theories again. Credit to Law for leaving these guys out there to follow Onigashima and catch stragglers that fell into the sea. What the Heart Pirates did at the end of Marineford. With a medical bay at his disposal and Wano rivers that could follow Onigashima to the capital, Luffy is in expert hands until he's ready to bounce back.

The anthro Climatact from the SBS comes to life, and he's taking new name suggestions.

Zeus avoiding death was no surprise given the character development he displayed fully rejecting Big Mom, and Nami just shoving the Climatact inside Hera's mouth. It looks like what happened here was that Zeus's soul, from Big Mom squeezing it out of the cloud like a sponge, possessed the staff before Hera could fully swallow. I'm not sure what the difference between a staff and a staff with a face is, maybe Zeus will shoot weather eggs and whack fodder by itself, but there's hope for Ultifans as Oda wouldn't power up Nami if there wasn't an opponent on the receiving end of her new stick.

Just as it looks like Act 3 is on life support, new figures step in to plug the holes and keep it going. Kid and Big Mom stop their staring contest long enough for the Kid & Law dream team to assemble. So admirable of Law to respect Luffy's request of a 1v1 with Kaido by ruining Kid's 1v1 against Mom. Yamato finally in action against Kaido. All the speculation over Yamato and Kaido's bond finally comes to a head as these two confront, also a chance to see the little clubber's DF power. Two great new matches to look forward to along with Sanji Vs Queen. Next chapter is looking good already.
Sanji looking badass again.
Luffy's VOAT seems like an unprecedented feat, even unconcsious and drained he targets Momo from far away to give him a message and declaration, furthermore he sends a message to non VOAT users to rescue him, absolutely insane.
Wholesome to see Zeus happy about Luffy
Lol at BM of all people to assume falling in the sea is a death sentence
Good to see Law believing in his captain.
Fair Enough,Sanji was a bit cool this chapter but we all know how Oda will soon mud him,So better not to make any expectations.
I dunno how Oda will Handle the Zoro thing,Man fought the two Yonkos before and will most probably get a fight against King soon,Do you not realize how mad that is ?
Zoro might as well become the Pirate king lmao:cheers:
Rarely any deaths in One Piece So i doubt Kinemon is dead but Oda should probably Kill him off because that would make the scene more appealing.
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