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Again, we don't know the nature of Kaido's escapes. We don't know how or why. We don't truly even know the nature of his losses.

Maybe he does get captured. Maybe some crazy mother fucker in the government kills him and takes his power. Maybe thats in fact what blackbeard does. The point I'm trying to say is that there is no surefire way to say he is dying this arc by specific characters, even with his personality quirk about trying to die.

Don't get me wrong, I'd LOVE it if he died, but for a decade I've had my expectations in check when it comes to trying to predict things. Most of my predictions, unless big theories that have to do with groups or characters, are normally pretty safe things.

I can't get behind the death of a main villain, because there are no examples in this series to base that off of. Even more so I doubt Luffy's subordinate will take the glory of killing a Yonko after he defeats him. It's just something I don't see Oda doing, but Id love to be proven wrong.
i mean if it happens it happens but to me this is the strawhats time to shine not bb,bb already had his moment with the help of his crew he killed wb so for me the same with the strawhats ...2 things were set up in kaido introduction ..in a 1v1 bet on kaido...kaido is unkillable .... the first can go to luffy and the 2nd one zoro also one thing we can assume from this chapter is in his 18 defeats/captures(assuming some would be while he ruled wano) he has always come back to wano so again how a 19th just because its luffy he wont try and come back i just dont understand but alas time will tell also personally i think one of two things luffy beats kaido 1v1 kaido awakens and rampages and zoro copies ryuma feat slaying the dragon or zoro kills kaido protecting luffy this i would personally like even more because ryuma said a battle is about protecting what needs to be protected and also the same with zoros master
Wait, what? Oda named this chapter "This is Otama"? Wtf is going on with him? Why does this kiddo get this amount of attention and screentime while he rushed the Nami vs Ulti fight? Hell, he didn't even draw HOW Yamato and Kaido clashed, yet you can see this shitty kid on several fucking panels.

What is this fucking joke man? Spoilers were trash and when I thought "Okay, I hope the chapter itself will be better than THIS!", Oda proved the contrast!

Legit one of the worst chapters this arc. 1/10. I dunno anymore what Oda sets up for priorities for his work but this ain't right.
Get your popcorn and some pepsi ready ladies and gentlemen, cuz Goat's chapter review and analysis is gonna be meme-worthy.
<------ (thanks @LANJI CUCKSMOKE for the emote).

When I saw the title, I know the meltdown is gonna be glorious.

First off, the cover page was cool. Ninja Zoro and ninja cat pulling some Raizo tier stuff.

Toko and Tenguyama moment was sad. RIP Yasuie.

Man, the Rebellion side got more allies just because Queen fucked it up that one time.

Queen must be like:

And boi, Bao Huang really thought Momo is dead eh?

And Zeus merged with Nami's clima-tact to make it look like a.........

You know what? I will let you guys figure out the rest.:jordanmf:

And damn, that one Ulti's thicc thighs panel when she was charging at Usopp.
And her hips got exposed for a bit there.

And Nami naming Zeus cotton just for Zeus to reject it and rolled with his current name.

And Nami's thighs again.:believe:Almost see everything there.:pepedoffy:Still don't think Ulti gets defeated though.:pepeke:And nobody will clowned on Sanji again since Nami got an alternative fighting style and not her own.:beckmoji:

Bao Huang broadcast the thing by accident. And we got to see Babe Maria again.:sweat::amazing::blush:

And Tama will spend another chapter dedicated for her speech.

Yamato and Kaido Conqueror Clash!!!!!!!!:finally::finally::finally:

Luffy will beat Kaido confirmed!!!!!:lumazed:RIP to ZKK maybe??

And #Yamato4Nakama bitches.

Thank you for watching my review. Make sure to like and subscribe Goat's channel. Stay tuned for another review next week PST to EST. Peace out bruh.:cheers:
I never liked the zeus power up, BUT I was willing to put up with it because I thought that before getting ANOTHER power up, we'd at least see what nami learned over the timeskip.

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