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Overall pretty underwhelming chapter but from the spoilers and raw I had thought it would be much worse. Seeing Usopp actually play a role in Ulti's defeat with his quick attack and Zeus going in for the finish was pretty cool to see, what worries me is how these characters will be treated now.
The commentary by Boa Huang makes me feel like they might actually be down for good, but I'm sincerely hoping that's just a bait-out by Oda and we get a more fleshed out 1v1 for Nami and Usopp. Otherwise, this could have major implications on the future fights we have for the other strawhats, as they may share a similar fate and have matchups ending soon, which would be EXTREMELY bad for this arc. We've basically lacked any exposition in the other strawhats 1v1s, as they've been constantly put offscreen, so if we come back to a quick wrap up like we see in this chapter, this arc might actually be impossible to save.
I'm not going to be so critical on it YET because I think this chapters rating heavily depends on future chapters to come.
If Ulti and P1 are truly down, it's horrible.
Wasn't really interested by the Kaido vs Yamato situation as well, I have a hard time liking her and the constant dick riding of the main characters of this arc, Clownden and Luffy.


General of the Night
A boring and underwhelming chapter, Ulti gets back up only for her to quickly get defeated again which was really disappointing.

Also for a chapter named after Tama, this chapter really didn't focus on her. The chapter was mainly focused on CP-0 doing their usual talk, Nami defeating Ulti, and finally Kaido and Yamato clashing at the end.


Kaido coated his Kanabo with CoC like against Luffy so Yamato has to have CoC haki. really amazing feat . she is for sure above Law, Kid and Killer, and maybe even Zoro but Zoro will soon be able to use the same power as well. Zoro will understand the power soon.
Oda gave them 2 Yonkos as opponents because they are really all strong but don't understand their powers yet.
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