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Since when scars mean something in the powerscaling? Thats just a parallel to Oden and Enma
Kaido got stunned by Luffy's punches more than Zoro's best attack with Enma, just wake up to reality lol :kobeha:
...It’s the accomplishment that Kaido held higher than all else? Are ya dumb or trolling lmfao

Kaido holds that achievement > all the scabbards combined and Zoro can pull it off with his bones shattered.


If we take that statement literally, it was referring to RS-less Sanji(he didn't have RS at the time), so taking the RS-boost into consideration, even according to Zoro's scale, the gap would disappear :kayneshrug:
yes but when zoro said that recently he was talking about broken bones Zoro:goatasure:
One Piece is like a investment that we have all made,

We cant pull out, because of time we have invested in it, on the other hand, we are optimistic that it will turn good once again and we will be rewarded.
#Complaining about slow pace
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If you’re gonna make a poll could you maybe not seem like an idiotic, bias zolotard that only includes idiotic, bias Zolotards?
Worstgen/Narutoforums/Twitter/Youtube and many other international forums(as german/spain forum), you can see more and more people dislike the raid so far. Their are so many sites where I looking and you can see that the fandom is split in two. It isn't just Worstgen.
Some people saying stuff on twitter or even youtube don't mean much and a lot of the time is minority keeping the most noise .
I also been to loads of places and while i would say there are some that dislike how the raid going it's no where you can say the base split to 50%.
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