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Like in my previous post, we are moving to the end ...finally because Oda didnt do a good job.

If you read all the previous chapter this chapter destroy basically the Yonko hype....reinfoce the fact that none will face any conseguence (ulti,zeus,page one - probably Kinemon) and reinforce the fact that Oda isnt good in drawing 1 vs 1 fight. Nami&Usop fight vs Ulti was all about cheap shot and cut to other scene,,,,,

Big Mom got utterly destroyed all her potrayal,hype, incompetence is display in Onigashima. Rip Law-Kid that has to face this trash character really.

Next Yamato, stating again the gesus crist luffy will come, in each chapter Oda is repeating that thing, moving to the naruto 2.0 structure, good luck with that Oda.

Let see, but so far his story telling has so many cheap ass plot, very cheap suspense, no consequence for anyone for a so called War saga. Good luck.


Yamatoe >= or > Zoro.

- She's facing Kaido 1 v 1 - No 4 other people there to bail her out from getting smacked
- He goes Hybrid for her Instantly no hesitation
- Massive COC Clash

To say otherwise is just happy thinking. "muh scar" though
just being honest she might be only weaker than Luffy for now. the haki clash is better than Luffy vs Kaido yes Luffy was already weakened according to Momo but still that is a real feat. at least i am pretty sure she is stronger than Law, Kid and Killer in terms of haki. Zoro might be as strong but he cannot control his haki like her.
First of all, I agree the Yamato part, I look forward to learn more about Yamato and Kaido and how the encounter ongoing.
I want to know why Kaido choose Wano and want Yamato to be the Shogun. He speaking about Wano seems like he know something from his past, it must happen during his travel with Xebec, so I assume Kaido learn about wano with while he was in Xebec crew.
But who tell him about wano and a secret thing which lead Kaido to invade wano? I think it was Shiki who tell something important to Kaido, the old hag had the face of Shiki(im sure it was Shiki) so it meaning Shiki could be in wano in the past.

Their must be a secret and important key, I think we going to learn it from Kaido soon where we also read what Shiki said to Kaido, if is the theory about Shiki beeing true ofc.

Now to the most disappointed part of the chapter(I don´t even wanna talk about Tama, I cut her off).
Nami and Usopp vs Ulti and Pagegone was so far really terrible writing, yes we all know Ulti and Pageone where to strong, but then Oda had multiple answer to make the fight fair and hard. I hope that both Ulti and Pageone coming back later, but let assume this is really their end for the rest of the arc. Then it would be really bad how Oda threat these two, in case Ulti and at most Pageone didn´t show anything, Ulti use her one named attack,Pageone didn´t even had one skill. Neither something with haki skills even though we knowing that both having at least CoA and CoO...

For Nami and Usopp I expect far more, this is not just a random arc, this arc is the end of a saga of 400chapters. I was tell that in this arc finally the strawhats going to shine in a hard deserve battle, that is totally the opposite what Oda do with Nami and Usopp.
Yes they where weaker then Ulti and Pageone, yes but Luffy was league under Kaido too and look how he face him in the last fight before he get knocked out.

Oda could resolve the problem via let helping Izo and Okiku, Namii and Usopp, it would be far better then just a Yonkou destroying Pageone and Ulti for sake to announcment their defeat. Ulti and Pageone had so much potential, yet Oda kill it off in my opinion, Ulti at least do something, but Pageone was a truly disaster. I waiting for 400 chapters to see how Nami facing strong Yonkou members and fight them in a extrem battle with tactic and growing himself up, I was hoping that the strawhat outside of Luffy,Zoro,Sanji and Jinbe learning at least one haki typ, I was hoping that Usopp control more about his CoO who was shown in DR, but none of these happen in the battle. Neither Nami or Usopp really get any haki moment, another disappointed point.

With zeus as backup I was hoping that Nami could now match a injuried Ulti, not one shoting her in a rushed encounter where Ulti didn´t even use her zoan power. I hope you are right and that both Ulti and Pageone coming back later in the arc(if I assume this is still not the climax with let me believe that the arc and war not ending fast). I hope Oda not waste their potential.
@Wiwi already put a scenario where we could see Ulti soon, like she using/awakening her zoan power and became something like monsterpoint Chopper where she follow and attack everyone around the dome.
Or they both standing up in injuried form vs Usopp and Nami in a final encounter. Otherwise the whole annoucment in this chapter make it unlikely that Pageone and Ulti standig up again so...

I would read @Buusatan94 criticzme about the raid so far, he actually pointed out many true thing who going wrong so far in the raid:
Never Oda has done such a terrible and stupid job at trying to make us believe that the enemies are the dominant force and that the Straw Hat Pirates are the underdogs than in Wano arc, where everything is made to help the Straw Hats and their Supernova, samurai, ninja, yakuza, mink and other allies against the Beast Pirates with plot armor, ass pulls and PIS being stronger than ever in the Straw Hats' favor such as the Scabbards and most of the Supernovas being able of injuring Kaido, with Marco joining them too early and easely despite having said at first that he wouldn't come, Yamato being created and helping the alliance immediatly, Big Mom still being as nerfed and toyed by the plot as much as during Whole Cake Island arc, Queen basically giving the cure to his virus to the alliance and immediatly turning on X-Drake to make him join his fellow Supernovas, not counting the full moon to boost the minks, the cheap and cringeworthy drama with Zeus, Big Mom and Perospero doing far more harm than help to the Beast Pirates, Tama having the ability to turn Smiles users into her servants, many Gifters joining the Alliance because Oda had Queen mock them instead of focusing on the fight and on Marco, King and Queen being restrained by plot armor and not a single Calamity even using his hybrid form, members of the Alliance being somehow capable of matching and fighting Kaido even in his hybrid form, the Big Mom Pirates still being stuck below the waterfall even if they should have easely crossed it a long time ago, etc...

This war is really the worst written and most anticlimatic in One Piece history, with no real tension or sense of danger, being nothing compared to Marineford in terms of danger and epicness, with even the battle of Fishman Island and the wedding cake chase being more climatic and exciting than this raid.

It also confirms my longtime feeling that a war between two Yonko, or between the Navy or one/two Yonkos or between the Navy or a Yonko crew vs the Warlords or the Revolutionary Army would be far more exciting and interesting that any war opposing one of the major powers to the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies.
Im not still give up the raid, Kaido as villian is still very great in my opinion and he going to get his flashback who making everything even more better. The raid had good and bad moments, what I really hope is that Oda care more for his maincharacters and the villians of this war, if he do then the raid going be far better.
Roger, Rayleigh, Gaban, Oden, Bullet, and Shanks. That is 6 users from Roger Crew. Why would Strawhats have less people to surpass them on COC users as that be boring.

Since when gag mean your not qualified being COC when we got Zoro Cross meme being one of the most funniest and damaging display to Zoro and he is COC? Don't be stupid over insecurity as we know Sanji is one of them to have COC in him especially if he is harming Queen's body. It is Luffy, Sanji, and Yamato.
Just stop bro you're the worst toxic Sanji tard I've seen in this forum. You're pushing this agenda for Sanji only.

Roger didn't have 10 crew members. He had 20+ LOOOL

Gaban? Show me Gaban using CoC loooool

Bullet (Didn't appear in the Manga)

Shanks (was an apprentice)

The only three pirates who truly showed CoC are Roger, Reyleight, and Oden.

Roger (Luffy) Rayleigh (Zoro) Oden (Yamato) Shanks (Momo).

Your simp will never have CoC, be certain about that.
Only a dumbass would think that Oda will give CoC to 6 straw hats loool.
Why 6? let's give them alll CoC. Let's also give CoC to Chopper, Brook, and even Franky. loool

No wonder why Sanji fans get disappointed all the time.
Okay like i said before zeus will follow nami. But i dont expect this is how its happen, i mean come one why zeus soul can move to other thing without BM pulling its soul. I think its make some hole in the plot. But Nami got really huge power up maybe now he join top 6 fighter in SH pirate after Brook.
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