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All you people are so off, its astounding.

Luffy's fruit was always going to be eaten by him. The fruit is special because soneone in the void century saw the future of Luffy who had eaten the gomu gomu no mi destroying the world government

It is why Oden said to toki that in 20 years, luffy would come beat kaido and fight the world government in the end war.

Yamato also said Luffy was the person Oden was waitning for.

The One Piece is the story of the void century and the vission of the future( aka the present time) of Luffy destroying the world government in his journeynto beeing the freest in the world.

Imu tried to change the future by taking the rubber fruit but could not, do it as Luffy was fated to eat the gomu gomu no mi.
This is an interesting theory though it would not explain why the government didn't do everything they could to dispose of Luffy.
Unless Gomu Gomu no mi is related to imu , nothing will justify wsw punishment.
I mean Cp9 lost blueprint of ancient weapon , Nico Robin , got defeated in their own base but all they received was demotion (head guy) and promotion (Lucci)
you got it wrong mate.. Marine did want to capture Lucci and all CP9 for the failure of defending Enies Lobby. But they make mistake by underestimate CP9 but in return they manage to convince them to be upgraded into CP0 for Lucci and Kaku so far we know of.
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