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Sanji vs Queen better not be a battle of tech weapons ,it would suck honestly instead some haki clash or something that explores this side of Sanji and his pathetic AP would be better
Just read the official chapter in mangaplus and i realised sth. There is no indication that the gomu fruit is special. The only thing it says, is that it was stolen, nothing more than that.
I read a theory that the Gomu might be a special paramecia, like Katakuri's mochi fruit, since it also turns the user into some sort of substance almost like a logia.

They might be pretty rare like what mythical fruits are to zoans so maybe that's why the goverment or Vegapunk wanted it so much.
"Should I call this Iron Body then?" Thats Actually very interesting Dialogue , a lot to unpack here when it comes to Rokushiki and Haki.

Unless Gomu Gomu no mi is related to imu , nothing will justify wsw punishment.
I mean Cp9 lost blueprint of ancient weapon , Nico Robin , got defeated in their own base but all they received was demotion (head guy) and promotion (Lucci)
All you people are so off, its astounding.

Luffy's fruit was always going to be eaten by him. The fruit is special because soneone in the void century saw the future of Luffy who had eaten the gomu gomu no mi destroying the world government

It is why Oden said to toki that in 20 years, luffy would come beat kaido and fight the world government in the end war.

Yamato also said Luffy was the person Oden was waitning for.

The One Piece is the story of the void century and the vission of the future( aka the present time) of Luffy destroying the world government in his journeynto beeing the freest in the world.

Imu tried to change the future by taking the rubber fruit but could not, do it as Luffy was fated to eat the gomu gomu no mi.
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