Who has the best Hybrid Form so far?

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You should take into consideration that Jinbei is constantly getting interrupted by Gifters while Sanji is in a stage where Queen's subordinates had switched sides due to his own hubris.
I mean wasn't it chapters ago toxic side made fun of Sanji for Gifters interrupting him and try to use it to say he is 'weak' when now it's reverse on everyone else like Jimbei, so by their logic, Jimbei is weak if he can't stop them. Though Sanji's case was that he can't hit females, so not really the same thing.
Hey you guys discussed structure especially King and Queen here, but you don't want do the same if it's Burgess and Shiryu. Your acting hypocrites as you can't pick and choose on when to use structure as it's canon Burgess is in charge of 1st Ship while Shiryu is in charge of 2nd Ship. Zoro would go for the guy who is First Mate while Sanji face left-hand in Shiryu.

I said Sanji would face either King or Queen. Why would I be mad? Either of them are feat worthy for me. So your on Head Piece if you think I am mad.

You seem upset that Healthy Zoro will face Nerfed King as you guys wanted him to have same damage on him, but it doesn't seem to be case on that. You only dumbass here along with your topic side :kayneshrug:,
It's because you don't understand shit.
If you really think that Zoro is going to fight Jesus Hamburger then why don't you start pushing that agenda? And you'll see how retard you'll sound after three or four years. Just like how retarded Kronos sounded after pushing King vs Sanji for so many years loool.

You guys don't understand shit about OP and we keep correcting you and prove you wrong every fucking time.
I'm tired of getting right.

I've been getting those W since the Orojackson forums because I understand the character I love and follow for 20+ years, which is Zoro. While you dumbasses don't understand Sanji's character at all.

Zoro always fights the second strongest. Get it or not? Shiryu is the second strongest and he will be BB's right-hand man very soon.
Jesus will be eliminated by Oda. Sanji will fight Pizaro

Sanji will fight Pizaro you dumbass. PIZAROOO
A corrupt King from North Blue vs the prince of Germa from North blue.

He's not going to fight the only swordsman of BB.

Why is this forum full of retards?
I definitely don’t put WW on Queen’s level. As for Jack & WW, I have it Jack >= WW. Jack is stronger but WW is probably close. Pseudo-Calamity.
Yeah, i don't really think Queen is on par with King so it makes sense if you can't see WhosWho on Queen's level.. WhosWho wants to challenge King not Jack, if anything WhosWho is stronger but Jack is probably close in my view..

Being apart of Government doesn't make you stronger and you can use same logic on Queen since he was with Vegapunk and Judge, so nah it doesn't prove anything and Queen is stronger enemy and Sanji doing better feats on hurting him and forcing him to Hybrid so soon compare to Jimbei who struggling with Gifters even getting in the way for him. No disrespect to Jimbei, but Sanji has stronger enemy than him.
It's not being part of of the world Government, its being compared to Rob Lucci with a superior fruit.
Jinbei in the whole story has better feats than Sanji with Akainu, his fight against Ace, its undeniable.

Jinbei's been tryng to 1v1 WhosWho while his subordinates are also attacking, thus he can't focus solely on WhosWho..

Jinbei deserve his hype up til Sanji be more impressive than him.
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