Who has the best Hybrid Form so far?

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The JoyBoy stuff and now Gomu fruit is relevant....i think op is going in same direction as Naruto. Like Luffy is the choosen one.
One piece is not going a naruto direction...it is heading towards the direction that has been set since the beginning....every df is relevant to government.....Luffy is not chosen one, Luffy is just special....
Coronoa can't even be quantified as boring character, even worse. Just a fan service whore for mentally retarded cucks who are born to suck the dick of the biggest cuck. Besides, Coronoa is even more generic than Luffy. Keep crying you mentally retarded greencuck fan.
Luffy is what you'd get if you put every Shonen MC together in a blender, you seem really bitter that Zoro carries One Piece.
Also why is every other comment of yours about Zoro's dick? You got something to tell us? :few:
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