Who has the best Hybrid Form so far?

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Luffy is what you'd get if you put every Shonen MC together in a blender, you seem really bitter that Zoro carries One Piece.
Also why is every other comment of yours about Zoro's dick? You got something to tell us? :few:
Zoro ain't carrying any shit. Of course, hallucinations are very strong to think that way, pity you. If all you think that fan service panels are dope, then i have nothing to say. Why act as if Zoro ain't Walmart guts. Oh, not even that. Luffy is generic but he has one unique point that no shonen character had. That is, he is not bound by world rules and norms. That is same for post skip or pre skip. But you guys act like that was not a problem preskip but that is the problem in postskip. Anyways you hate Luffy and I hate Zoro. Let us be toxic to each other.
Big cap, Goku is the very definition of the chosen one. My man magically appeared in a god's dream, befriended another god, learnt UI on the fly, trained to be an angel and even in another noncanon scene, my boy became one with Shenron cos the animators knew everything revolves around Goku. He gets chosen to protect the world every damn time.

"Gon was always considered to be two steps below the actual special guy who is Killua" So basically Naruto & Sasuke:tchpepe:
Lol there’s literally no in canon prophecy for goku unlike what it seems to be Luffy and Naruto. Stop the one piece dick sucking.
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