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in terms of plot Kingdom can't hold a candle in front of one piece. it's almost unfair to even compare them. one piece plot is a complex multi level shit.
comparing a fantasy plot to a historical plot is unfair

not to mention the massive god tier world building that one piece have just makes it next level ...
don't judge one piece base on wano
I don't think writing an history based manga is any easier than a complete fictional one. Hara is bound by RL events/deaths/wars that took place, so readers like you who show interest in Chinese history can look up and call the deaths of certain characters or winners of a certain war. The author is brilliant in making it as tense as he can despite the outcome being obvious.

A fictional story has creational freedom. Oda can be as unpredictable as he wants to be because we can't predict shit unlike in Kingdom.

Politics in Kingdom is also handled very good in Kingdom
The only thing you should be pissed about is whether the chapter is good on not, not about the break. Oda is putting in so much work in just one week than y'all will put in your whole life. Let the man take as many breaks as he wants you ungrateful pricks.
I have no problems with the breaks, it makes me sad but i understand. I'm also hyped to watch the olympics, that's one cause for the breaks.

What i do get pissed off about is more Tama and more prophecies silhouette figures that make Luffy the perfect choice for it, becoming even more of a Pirate Jesus.

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I mean he doesn't have to work a day in his life as things stand... He's clearly doing it out of passion at this point.
Sure, “passion” instead of “never living a peaceful life if he doesn’t stick the long-overdue landing,” that must be it. I don’t know how you can read some of his latest output and say he isn’t completely detached, even in the arc he’s been wanting to present for a long time 🙄
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