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It was all a red herring to lure Drake in. Drake believed they were ganging up on Queen. Man Oda defenders are like the Christians who barely know the Bible they preach
No It wasnt , stop with the cap. Its on the Pages, Just read It, Whos who NEVER used the kaido chance to become a calamitie to lead Drake into a trap, that dont even make ANY sense, he didint needed this to make Drake Go where Queen were. Why would WsW need the yamato Chase to lead Drake into Queen? WTF. And in the end he REALLY didint used It, Just called Drake and that was It. You full of nonsense.
What a ridiculous chapter...nothing much happened again. I am really bored of this slow pace s**t
Jinbe knocks whos who out after 1 chapter of fighting: "boo he is too weak, too much fake hype"
Jinbe's fight continues for more than 1 chapter: "stalling, just get it over with already"

Oda can't please everyone either way.
I'd rather he clear these fights, quickly and properly, but he has too many plots going at once.
This strongly points to Jinbei vs WsW not being Jinbei's main fight and WsW switching sides.. The Sun God story is most certainly
Fisher Tiger who freed slaves at Marijoie. Very interesting progression
I don't think writing an history based manga is any easier than a complete fictional one. Hara is bound by RL events/deaths/wars that took place, so readers like you who show interest in Chinese history can look up and call the deaths of certain characters or winners of a certain war. The author is brilliant in making it as tense as he can despite the outcome being obvious.

A fictional story has creational freedom. Oda can be as unpredictable as he wants to be because we can't predict shit unlike in Kingdom.

Politics in Kingdom is also handled very good in Kingdom
Kingdom is breath taking ... and I'm not saying a historical story can't be as good as a fantasy one
and Coalition arc was nothing less than a master piece

but a fantasy story can push all limits and achieve more ... and one piece plot is truly high tier even if we compare it to top novels
the world building + on going plots and story arcs are just massive and unreal

sure we have weak arcs like wano (I'm not a fan of wano) but balance of small drama and big drama in one piece and art of story telling is just madness

I mean look at this chapter ... Oda is using information from chapter 1 to build up people in chapter 1018. this is mad tier story telling
one piece plot is a masterful piece of art that can tie everything together while Kingdom plot is just about THAT arc (mostly) and is much more focused

that's why Kingdom arcs are more enjoyable you can say
while one piece is bigger and more complex

since I love Kingdom I don't want to downrate it but I don't think it's even fair to compare it to one piece

one piece best is yet to come btw
I thought that the little fucker Momo would play more mayor role then Tama in battle for Wano,so far that is not the case.
Imagine being the son of the old leader of the country, having the same fruit as the main villain, suposed to become the new leader after the main villain goes down, and a little girl is more useful then you and almost EVERYBODY on the alliance.
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