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This is now confirmed wrong. Two translations were made clear by the official, undercutting the fighting about them. Black Maria was talking about the bounty of Sanji, not his position. Also, Robin was talking about Sanji as a pair of wings, not one of two. So that argument is now settled.
Just came to say one thing.

As I said when we got the spoiler, the dialogue says 'pair of wings/both wings'. It didn't say anything about "One of the wings", the translator just did his job and translated what the chapter said without using what Oda said before in the SBS. If you go to a japanese dictionary and search for the word, the only thing you will get is "pair of wings", etc. Nothing about one of the two.

Just don't cause trouble to the translators and just send a letter to Oda for the next SBS if you are that curious.

For your information, the Spanish translation translates the sentence as one of the wings, but as i said, the dialogue in the chapter doesn't say that.
Sanji fans should be happy with this tbh no need to drag Zoro in anymore with the viz making it clear it's all Sanji
Zoro fans should be happy too. They have been trying to separate them for years, and now they wanted the 2 of them to be a pair of wings each? At least now they can hope and pray for a separate cool title for zoro. I know it stings them that sanji is more than just the cook like they have claimed but hey. It is what it is
Well once again Oda is separating Luffy&Zoro from Sanji nice.

To all guys that cant read this manga for more than a decade, Zoro is the first mate, meaning he has the most important role beside the captain. If you dont get this after all this chapters you are just funking blind, and discussion are pointless.
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