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Another nice battle thriller for a chapter. I can see why Denjiro threw away the pomp, :suresure:man got tired of waking up with hair in his mouth.

Beware of Dogmato. Kaido and Yamato repeat their act like cats and dogs, but we do get a blast exchange and Yamato's DF name for our troubles. The Mythical Inu Inu, model: Ooguchi no Makami is a rather unpredictable choice as it turns out to be one of Japan's many wolves/dogs enshrined as guardians, this one guided Prince Yamato Takeru through a forest. Namuji Hyouga looks a frost breath attack countering Kaido's Blast Breath. Yamato the white wolf with frost powers sounds sweet, although I can't think of any specific story application for Yamato freezing something (the waves around Wano?) or why Kaido wanted this power. It would be very Oda for Kaido/Yamato's clash to mirror Brook's Cold Soul VS the Wanyudo's flaming man-pup in the same chapter.

This is what Dogmato probably looks like. Just missing Kaido's collar and some sideboob.

Hopefully the Monkey D./Marco/Yamato Momotaro trio get a scene together, otherwise Inuarashi got replaced as top dog for nothing.

A lady with lots of arms fights a lady with lots of legs. Fantastic that Brook and Robin are getting some desperately needed action, but sad that Black Maria's tattoo and chest are now bandaged after the cruelest nipple twister took place off panel. Black Maria doesn't shine much in combat as she swings and misses all chapter, but I do love how this Zoan springs another clever trap with a mysterious Illusion Mist getting Robin and Brook to see their loved ones in place of their enemies. Brook completely unaffected like a man who hallucinated enough for dozens of lifetimes in the Florian Triangle is just awesome. A shame the skeleton has been downgraded to the cute Kunyun and Gifters as Tama's minions failed to appear, but Robin and a giant naked Robin soloing Black Maria is great to put her on the same level with the others.
When Luffy needs to fly, but he forgot his Sanji back home.:jay-he: Just like Queen, Black Maria ranks the Strawhats (with Jinbe mistaken as an ally) by bounty with no room for nuance. Some F6 bounties would really put into perspective why Maria looks down on Sanji. Oda has this idea, mentioned in SBS 73, that Zoro and Sanji are Luffy's wings to go along with Luffy's need to fly this chapter. It's precious that Strawhats like Robin echo this level of respect for the left and right hand men. Whether it simply means Zoro and Sanji are Luffy's top subordinates or this analogy is going beyond to describe them as supporters who allow Luffy to take to greater heights is an interesting idea I'm sure will be expanded upon in the future.

Caribou Swamp Storage: meat, mermaids, ninjas, you name it and we supply it. Shinobu and Momo landed in the Wano mainland, presumably with the help of a ninja kite, now meeting Luffy and the Heart Pirates. Don't need snail minutes when you got VOAT. Luffy not only needs to fly with Momo but also refuel, like someone who was beaten raw rather than taking a haki time out. Caribou already fed Luffy in Udon so he's the MVP of the Wano characters missing in Onigashima. No break this week fortunately, not with Robin and Brook's fights dangling in our faces.
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Being guardian deity of wano might add to her title as character in terms of wanted to poster or something.

Like-zoro pirate hunter
Nami-cat burger
Ussop-sniper king
Sanji-part of germa or black leg sanji
Chopper-cotton candy lover
Robin-Devil child
Brook-Soul king
Jimbei-Knight of sea


Oda methodically sinking the Yamatrash for nakama ship bit by bit. No way the guardian deity of Wano (who’s an inferior version of the dragon btw) with no additional skills or talents to speak of is going to join the crew. Thank the fucking lord, she can stay and be cancerous to the Scabbards instead.
she will open Wano for the world and will join Luffy, Momo himself will join as well.
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