Zoro's position in the Strawhat crew

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If kings bounty is 10 million or less higher than Queen That shows they’re probably on the same tier because we’ve yet to be shown anything that says otherwise.
Luffy and Law have equal bounty from Dressrosa and yet…

So no, nothing you have said actually means anything. Bounty doesn’t mean anything. King and queen don’t mean anything

King is the Katakuri/Marco stand in and that actually means something.
Sanji fans grasping at wings. Oda starved them for too long that they can only fall on a statement claiming Sanji to be Luffy's wings.

Luffy picked Sanji for the qualities Judge mentioned.
Luffy already stated that he cannot be PK without Sanji. The main attribute was Sanji being the SHP chef
Someone needs to protect Wano.

Who will do it? Disabled Cat or Dog?
So yamato alone will make that much of a huge difference? Samurai + scabbards are enough.......akainu fears samurai and after BP defeat will fear more not to mention marines are busy handling shichibukai........you simple don't want her to join lol
No that’s awesome thing Zoro did. But I’m not going to say Zoro can fight Kaido one v one because he showed the ability to hurt him.

If Zoros fully healed which is what the medicine seems to do going by miyagi and chopper, then what you said doesn’t even matter.
my point was about your logic of using portrayal in 1v1s more than general feats for powerscaling purposes. that is flawed. you should always rely on both portrayal and feats to power scale. and regardless of whether zoro ends up defeating king in an extreme diff or not, zoro is comfortably above sanji.
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