Zoro's position in the Strawhat crew

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bro idk what the logic is.

1. zoro fought against the yonkos. we have no clue whether zoro post this senzu bean thing is gonna be at 100% once again.
2. you talk about how the portrayal in the 1v1s matter more than feats while we literally look at 1v1s for feats for comparison and power scaling. you can never use portrayal or feats alone to rank, its always them both.
3. oda has chose to not define zoro's ceiling yet. zoro's ashura ,after breaking those bones on the rooftop, managed to cut kaido. we have no idea what the asura of a fully fit zoro could do.
A straight up1 v 1 shows the characters full kits full strengths and weaknesses. Feats like on the rooftop only had the fighters focus on their strengths while the others covered their weaknesses.

So yes 1 v 1s matter more since it gives a view of the fighter as a whole
Bounty is portrayal to an extent. If king and queen have nearly the same bounty there’s no reason to assume kings much stronger than him.

And offhand comments about previous fights, both saying how useless the other is in a fight, there’s a lot of things to say. Hell Oda made everyone praise Katakuri with these comments to show no ones close to him.
Cracker low diffs Perospero yet his bounty is 100 million more.

Katakuri mid diffs smoothie yet her bounty is LESS THAN 100 million less

Dressrosa Luffy mid diffs law yet they had the same bounty

so what is the range of bounty that makes people equal according the above “portrayal” where people with the same “portrayal” can beat one another in mid diffs.

Also, king and queen arguing with each other doesn’t make them equals. Luffy and Kid argue with each other and they are DEFINITELY NOT equals
@VegaPank Sanji wasn’t supposed to be a Phoenix literally, the drafts mean the wings comment

Zoro fans and Sanji fans will come to an agreement as both are the wings of Luffy

Who is Zolo? Man didn’t do shit. Sanji saved Chopper and the leader of the alliance and motivated Robin to fight Black Fraud. I expect no less from the Pirate King’s wing
Someone else has to join Kid and Law, if we are gonna have Momo/Luffy/Yamato/Marco as the next line up for Kaido, no way they can beat Big Mom alone, at very least their crews will join them, or other supernovas switch sides too and help them vs BM
With the likelyhood of Marco, Yamato, Luffy teaming up vs Kaido it's unlikely even Kid and Law aren't enough for BM, so maybe Drake, Apoo, Hawkins, Killer might join them
Yeah I think Kid will have most of the supernova helping him. I don’t expect Law to stick with him though Law’s Luffy’s boy.
Man gets called Pirate King's Wings, with nothing else changing and some of his fans immediately ignore all the cool moments he's getting to throatshove the same old delusional perspective of Zoro >= Sanji.

It was Zoro > Sanji, it'll remain Zoro > Sanji.

Sanji being trash next to Zoro has always been a very, clearly biased perspective. But honestly it wouldn't exist if some of these hardcore Sanji fans didn't want to force-shove this Sanji being equal to Zoro narrative. The former comes as a reaction to the latter at this point.

Hell, it even shows. Your boy got hyped, be happy, quit comparing him to Zoro at every little praise he gets lmao... this one wasn't even related to combat ability.
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