Will ZKk Happen?

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i think zoro can one shot king but he won't be able to land that "shot" untill king taken some damage first.

ashura that he scar kaido with should be able to one shot king but king won't just get hit by ashura unless zoro beats him up and tire him out a little bit first.

but if king stands there and takes ashura he will probably get ko'd

the only person in wano who can tank ashura is Sanji (lose 40%hp )and Kaido lose (20% hp)

Sanji getting one shot by Nerfed onigri from zoro. Why would asura need to use against fodders that got one shot KO by Kings Unnamed attack:milaugh:
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The only attack that can one shot calamitities

hells memories
thunder bagwah +adv coc

lmaoo what a fodder shit is hell memory it wont even scratch killer
How would that even work?
Its an experimental SMILE fruit deemed a failure by Vegapunk. Lots of performance issues could occur and he doesn't seem to have a control over it because its artificial. Its almost acting on its own like a separate entity, and unstable.

His goal is to transform into a bigger dragon.

Let's be honest your formative years from child to adulthood are essential to become stronger especially in One Piece. It will be The Force awaken bad writing level if Momo suddenly becomes strong. Luffy literally trained like hell since he was a child to to become powerful. Garp made him go through insane shit to make him tough. He learned to survive a wild environment with Ace and Sabo and perfected his df. Zoro trained for almost a decade to become a proficient swordsman to take on the dangers of the Grand line.
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