Will ZKk Happen?

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Thats a blatant lie :kawak:

Lol even if Zoro isn't my favorite (he is my 2nd favorite), he barely gets the amount of slander Sanji gets by some Zoro fans here, and most Sanji fans don't even care. The problem is that to some fanboys if you dont agree with them, you're a hater, which is obviously dumb

Obviously, you may clown a character to make fun of their fans if they make a stupid claim that doesn't come true or something, but thats pretty much normal.
No not what i mean, are you a ZKKaidou believer :pepemotion:
No not what i mean, are you a ZKKaidou believer :pepemotion:
I believed on it more before seeing chapter 1021, so the chances dropped with the Zoro vs King possibility + the Elixir thing which is kinda unknown until now. Based on theories i think there is still a chance of Zoro being the one to put Kaido out of his misery, but it's pretty much uncertain
I know some people are disapointed that Franky didn't get a powerup, but honestly I don't think he needed one. We haven't seen Franky even slightly pushed since the tineskip. The general no diffed two DD executives 1v2, then base franky took on a parade of DD executives in dresrosa just to distract them and came out ready for another fight. He held himself back to an absurd extent against senior pink, only using punches. That fight would probably have been a one shot if Franky gave even 10% there. So far the general has barely been scratched, and here we saw it completely destroyed. All this was was Franky actually needing to use his last powerup for the first time. No reason to get a new one on top of that.

As far as Robin, she still hadn't shown everything she learned in the timeskip. She didn't have any fights before so we just never saw it. This wasn't really a powerup, kind of like gear 4th in dressrosa. We just saw her pushed for the first time just like Franky.

Powerups would have been cool, but I'm honestly happy just to see them finally pushed and having a proper showcase. Then next time they have 1v1s it will be time for a real powerup imo.
People don't like me saying this but if oda doesn't have koby convince boa to help him in wano (I believe koby and boa will be in wano together). Then oda is setting it up for koby to beat her.

Based on the folklore of the pink dolphin (coby is based on a dolphin and has pink hair and has observation haki that operates like a sonar) that was seducing women in the amazon (hmm boa and her women live in amazon lilly) it is setting up that koby either convinces boa. Or it is setting up for him to be her undoing
forget about Zoro not getting ZKK, do you guys really think would be satisfactory to watch Momo just grow the fuck up by a Devil Fruit and defeat Kaido out of nowhere?

hell, make Shinobu give 1 year to Luffy or Zoro and they turn into Yonkou level by this logic.

This devil fruit is absolutely BS.

Even better, just turn Kaido into a fucking old man that can't even walk anymore.

for fuck sake.

Based on the latest spoilers, I hope Oda only grows Momo's dragon form and keep him as a child when he goes back to normal.
Same could be said about Luffy, but Zoro is human at the end of the day
That reminds me should I read Vagabond, I don't have good record with Seinen, Left Berserk in Golden Age arc, and have no motivation to pick it up after Muira's passing. I have heard Vagabond is also on hiatus.
Vagabond is less reliant on story, so it´s not as bad as Berserk never ending if Vagabond does never end.
Plus there is not much missing, and from history you know how it ends, from the original novel you know how it ends (though the novel is different in some aspects) and the last chapter is actually on the net since the mangaka drew it for a art gallery or something.
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