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That's no feat, sanji and marco were fighting a losing battle, they'll be dead if king and queen didn't switch their attention to fodders.
Sanji and marco had no influence in fact they were the ones being dropped to their bottoms.
losing in fighting is much better than need marco help to avoid getting Ace’d by king (although there is no one losing yet like you mentioned)

no marco = zoro dead
Skull Dome Live Floor
Queen: Hey! Ex-Hundred Beast Pirate Scum!!
King?: You’ll pay a high price…
King: …for betraying us!!
???: Where’s Marco-san!!? Please do something!!
???: He’s already at his limit. We have to get through this ourselves!!!
???: Sangoro-san are you okay!?
Sanji: Damn it! Taking both at once is a beat too much!! wheeze…wheeze…
???: They are looking for Zorojuro!!
???: Who can stop them then!?
???: If nothing is done, the whole floor will be annihilated!!
Sanji: Chopper!! Miyagi!!
Sanji: If the drug isn’t working then take Mummy Marimo over there with you & run away from here!!
Miyagi: I’ve already given him the shot but…
Tristan: Will it take a bit more time?
Miyagi: In the first place he’s body was heavily injured so…
Chopper: Zoro do ur best!!
Sanji: If it’s me you want, I’m right here!!
Queen: Ugh!!!
Sanji: Sangoro-san!!
King: Find Ronoroa Zoro and finish him off!!
King: From the looks of it, he’s tryna to get some weird treatment
King: Don’t let him recover!!
Perospero: Damn animals…
Perospero: They can’t see coz of all the dust they made
Perospero: I’ll be the one to take out Vinsmoke Sanji!! Perorin🎵
Perospero: If you married Pudding, we wouldn’t have had to ally with this rowdy bunch!!
???: Boss! That’s him!!
Neko: Is that so…
Perospero: Die!!
Perospero: Germa failure!!
Sanji taking one for the team to tank them and let zoro and chopper escape :feelscryingman:

Sanji: If the drug isn’t working then take Mummy Marimo over there with you & run away from here!!:saden:
Excuses if you think king gonna fight the same for zoro then you'd be right. But you know for a fact he won't.
Once again I already said Marco used his regen else where
But more regen just means more stalling it's not telling us how he's pushing king out of base he's already hit king with named attacks and what not and made him bleed a bit. That's it.
More excuses, for the most part he has been fighting King and it ended with him about to lose.
No, pretty straightforward statements.
Yep, it´s not telling us, sure, you are pretending it does tell us though.

I am saying

1) Marco´s stamina loss can´t be solely attributed to King (which, if you are honest, you basically did, at least the statement "King clapped Marco, he is superior" literally implies that. )
2) Lack of significant injury on King can´t be used to diss Marco since that was never Marco´s aim. He counterattacked once after getting attacked by both of them since in that instance it was the logical thing to do to keep them busy. He never tried to make it a 1vs1.

King having more AP than Marco is apparent (the wing cut for example). But we have no idea how Marco´s regen + AP vs King´s AP and his durability would result in a straight fight, since it never happened.


"Hey, you! What's with that Steel Ball?"
That literally would be the greatest ever and most ideal arc for me!

I really pray it happens all of them could have reasons to be there too!
I firmly believe Elbaf is a large landmass that is connected to a large sky island via a world tree. This could be the"High point of the west" that ganfor was on about way back in skypeia.

Most people already speculate Elbaf to be Shanks' arc so it would make perfect sense for Buggy to run to Shanks due to losing his warlord status, Mihawk could be there just to meet up with Shanks etc. Mad monk could be here due to my theory of it being connected to a Sky island and Enel just for fun.
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