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That's no feat, sanji and marco were fighting a losing battle, they'll be dead if king and queen didn't switch their attention to fodders.
Sanji and marco had no influence in fact they were the ones being dropped to their bottoms.
That is a feat on fighting them if you guys are talking Zoro on 'Hakai' attack is a feat. Don't be hypocrities that it's Sanji having feat on fighting 2 YCs on his own which it does and getting hit in a fight doesn't mean your not going to keep on fighting when Sanji got back to fighting in next page. Your ignoring that on your headcannon, bruh.
Its not you can say its litterly what happens read spoilers and same in summary, how is fighting 2 calamities and being pushed back just to jump back few seconds later a bad thing ?
It means that sanji had no tangible influence in the fight vs king and queen, no damage, and lost their attention immediately, and complaining like a bitch on top of all that.
Being ineffective is not a good thing.
Pre panel spoiler : Sanji vs King and Queen

Panel : It turn out Sanji get beaten by Queen while Marco beaten by King. Sanji said it is hard for him and Marco to beat King and Queen :suresure::suresure:
Don't do this, bruh. We know your dumbass. We know Sanji is fighting 2 YCs given he got back up in next page. Nothing said about Queen beat him or he is done fighting. This isn't Zoro vs Kamazou and Gyukimaro who he unable to handle 2 vs 1. Don't be hypocrite here :suresure::suresure:.
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