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why he shouldn't be able to begin with he is a cyborg. and the sending lasers doesn't have to do with his DF or hybrid form.
So you are talking outta your ass ?
Oda showed King in base using flame while queen in hybrid using lasers in a single panel if they are equal in hybrid , oda would have shown both of them in hybrid not one in base and the other in hybrid getting attacked by Zoro and Sanji
Maybe Sanji wanted to protect Zoro and chopper at random ? So it's normal that he's going to fight against them

Why do you have to argue with this clown every time ?
Man I wonder why it said Sanji vs King and Queen and he been fighting them awhile. Idk why toxic side are in denial about this when it is canon
. Don't have time on clown, bruh. Don't BS the Head Piece.
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No trolling.
Not impossible, I just preferred an aerial battle against an aerial rival xD
Not Zoro cutting him xDxD
Well King has fought Marco for you and it’s wasn’t even that interesting… In fact the two best Attacks Mr Aerial battle used on Marco were him turning back into Human form and pulling out his sword and just cutting off Marco’s wing… And again Mr Aerial battle turning human form and tossing a fireballs again from close range

Kind of seems like even when Oda creates an aerial opponent for King, he ends up fighting close combat in human form to actually do Jack shit
Nope kaido didn't bother to highlight it even though that was the second scar that he has ever received from the same blade. Instead in physical attack he mentioned zoros coc. Interesting really
Kaido was talking about the sword for each time he been attacking. Why wouldn't it matter then? Enma help him as it bring COC into that, not Zoro doing it on will given he didn't know what he was talking about. Doesn't make sense if he didn't know what he was doing.
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