Should MonsterZoro be banned?

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They are standing together and show me Queen in base sending lasers
why he shouldn't be able to begin with he is a cyborg. and the sending lasers doesn't have to do with his DF or hybrid form. and by the way he transformed himself not for Marco but for Sanji. so why should he transfrom back :D just to be King's equal?
Dumbass you can't have it both ways
You can't say king and queen are close cause they stand together then say it doesn't matter that King's in base and Queen in hybrid
who cares what mode are they on. Katakuri kill a man using his ultimate skill while smoothie kill the same man by one kick only. Would u say smoothie stronger than kata if they fight side by side assuming u didnt know them or never see their fiight?

i wasted my time talking to zoro fanboi. Bye
Wings can't be more than other or else you can't fly. That is the logic on wings. They are equals. Oda don't need to put the word to know what he mean on 'Wings'. They are his top guys and are equals to each other while Luffy is above them.
Don’t explain it to them
They know exactly what it means
They are just delusional

in their headcanon
Zoro is equal to luffy

in reality
Zoro is equal to sanji

they are just salty , poor them
Oda destroyed all their hopes and dreams
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