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His canon feat is losing to King and Queen? This is a feat?

Okay. All he says is “Fighting them both is hard”… That’s a feat statement to you? That he admits he can’t fight both of them? Okay.

I didn’t know Saying you were overwhelmed and losing OFF SCREEN counted as feats these days
Then Zoro on his 'Hakai' is that too as he didn't stop it then, but you guys force it as a 'feat'.

When 'defeated'? Sanji got back up in next page. That like saying Apoo beat Luffy then by putting him on ground, but he got back up. Don't be dumb there.

Your struggling in a fight. Doesn't mean your not hurting and fighting them back. Of course the fight be hard there.
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If you think a human is shit then all humans are shit by association.
Your idiots talking about fictional character is 'shit' by headcannon when it got debunked.


Attention Zoro fanboys
From now on if you insult sanji you’re indirectly insulting zoro at the same time since they are equal

if you think sanji is shit
Then sanji’s equal is also shit by association
Poor gyro really wants sanji to be zoro "theyre equals look they stand on a panel together i swear:pepecry:"
It's ok to be wrong, Panda-chan. :smoothy:

To give Sanjino justice, Pica is a bad match-up for stronger people than him. :goyea:
Nah, whole fanbase think that way and it's ok to be on copium though.

Lol Pica is fodder this point if you guys think he doing anything to YCs who fighting and hurting Macro. Though Kamazou though is a issue Zoro have to faced given fainting though and Yeti Brothers too :kayneshrug:.
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