Should MonsterZoro be banned?

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Kitetsu Wanker
Nah, whole fanbase think that way and it's ok to be on copium though.

Lol Pica is fodder this point if you guys think he doing anything to YCs who fighting and hurting Macro. Though Kamazou though is a issue Zoro have to faced given fainting though and Yeti Brothers too :kayneshrug:.
I dont hold it against you for being wrong, Panda-chan just like I dont hold it against the fandom. :sweat:
He didnt confirm shit all he did was show that zoro and sanji are the ones who will beat the all stars.
You candies try this every time but it never works. Even now oda is showing who the strongest is by having them ignore sanji and attack zoro instead:steef:
They are the wings
They are equal
Even though zoro trained 10000 times more than sanji
He is still his equal
Pretty hilarious if you ask me
Sanji attacked Queen but he got his ass ignored by Queen who went to deal with Marco again with King


• King is concerned with Only Marco and Zoro .

And Base King ~ Hybrid Queen :
You do know Queen been fighting Sanji while and King team up with him to try to hurt him? Idk how you think that is 'ignoring', but copium is on you guys after headcannon got debunked as 'ZKK' being debunked when we know Zoro need help to defend himself :kayneshrug:.
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