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Zoro fans I am sorry zoro is not the main character he is only tied for 2nd most important with Sanji

so what ever zoro get Sanji will also get it you just have to deal with it

So enjoy coc while you can becusse you know what’s coming
- Sanji is called the Wings of the Pirate King
Zorofans try to downplay it and say Zoro is VC (which he isn't) > Wings of the Pirate King.
- Spoilers saying Marco says the hanagata appear (which can mean multiple people) after Zoro got healed and attacked King and Queen with Sanji.
- Zorofans OMG Zoro is the star! Star >>>> Wings of the PK!!!! HAHAHAHA
Reality: Zoro and Sanji are called the stars - Zorofans cry - and then at the end of the chapter Zoro along side Sanji is called the wings of the PK - exactly what Zorofans were downplaying, Zoro was called the same :cantseeme:

Zorofans are the most ridiculous, delusional and hypocritical fanbase i have ever seen.
So nothing dumbass of what you claimed about me saying Zoro a Yonko level , so you try to accuse ppl to save your dumbass because you have nothing :arnoling:

Base King only bleed after two hits while Queen got bleeding after each hit :arnoling:

Base King = Hybrid Queen while channeling a fire and a laser shoot

Are u gonna cry dumbass:kawak:

I told you it's on rooftop chapters post. Your posts are there. Don't denied it and be a dumbass there XD.

King got his beak bended and bleed from both Macro and Sanji while Queen tanked more and didn't bleed as much though from Macro and even Big Mom.

Again then Base Queen and Hybrid King are canon as equals then after fighting early where King need Full Zoan to try to hurt him while Queen went with Base to hurt him :kayneshrug:.
I posted in previous pages, but not much I am able if your ignoring them over Head Piece which is why 'ZKK' got debunked on your dumbass insecurity XD.
So you posted nothing me claiming Yonko level dumbasses accusing ppl for saying somethings they didn't say to save themself :arnoling:

Where did he hurt Sanji? I only know King got his beak bended and he was fine while Zoro got pierce by nerfed Kamazou and fainted for days. Don't do this on yourself as headcannon isn't canon here.

Your one making excuses, dumbass.
Sanji :
I'm gonna die with a hole in my belly :arnoling:

Base sanji dies from a hole in his belly without his daddy suit :arnoling:

Sanji disappeared from sights after King attack :arnoling:

Sanji tard sanji was bleeding from his face :arnoling:

Keep making execuses around dumbass:jay-he:

Yeah, he already in that form and might as well attack him as how King went Full Zoan on Macro early and Queen went Base Form to attack him. Again by your dumbass, Base Queen = Hybrid King then :kayneshrug:
Base King = Hybrid Queen while channeling their power to fight Marco


πŸ…·πŸ…°πŸ…»πŸ…° πŸ…ΌπŸ…°πŸ…³πŸ†πŸ…ΈπŸ…³
Never said they couldn't either!


I literally do the same thing but I don't see "general simping" as so derogatory either. Only the "true simps" who I prefer to call "lost causes" as they donate literally hundreds and thousands of dollars or so to female streamers, lose their shit when they find out the girls won't meet up with/date/kiss/sleep with them and even go bankrupt donating so much money to them, they literally end up homeless!
I genuinely cannot fathom these guys, it does get much weirder, grosser, more disturbing than that too!

To admire someone is to "simp for them" in my own beliefs, but as I said, there's people who take it way too far and make it such a degenerate/derogatory and literally even life ruining problem.

I also "simp" for male characters and men out there, is that sexist too? Also how many times did I need to say "literally" here? Lmao

You sounding like those girls who say literally all the time:milaugh:
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