Should MonsterZoro be banned?

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That is you guys on your copium as you are at fault on headcannons getting to you after 'ZKK' being debunked again.

What? I don't get you. You mean Zoro as that got debunked and Zoro is the 'shit' in your dumbass thinking.
hei bro calm down, they're just fictional characters, breathe.
then if you think Sanji did something great, good for you.
so I know that in your heart the Sanji = Zoro does not exist


Oda's accuser
Sanji in Base is YC1 or bit more if he fighting 2 vs 1 or 3 vs 1 in this fight for awhile. Idk why you guys are on the denial on this when he been issued to them if they need team up to try to hurt him.

Lol Sanji haven't cheapshot Queen in most of the fight. Only time he attack while he wasn't looking, but that is more on Queen when trying to move your eyes when fighting your opponent.

Also King tanked that and is fighting back. He isn't one-shot. It's stupid and to put Zoro on instant level on Macro, don't do that. Zoro isn't above, but he will be in same tier as Sanji is. You guys on your insecuries when it's on that Sanji is on same tier. Denying it is getting dumbass tier though :kayneshrug:.
He isn't YC1 in Base until he proves so.

Queen is still far from being abudantly damaged by Base Sanji and yet Queen himself is not standing out as YC1.
There is two Zoro fans

Zoro fans who don’t wanna get of zkk becusse they don’t wanna lose after 5 years of build up

Zoro fans who hop on king train quickly so they look like they never on zkk on first place and didn’t say zoro one shot king
All 3 Calamities are called All-Stars, guess they are all even now.....
Meh I know this day would be coming ever since ZOro got off the roof
There will be a chapter where Sanji and Zoro got put together
And Sanji fans will be like:
" hehe all Zoro previous feats don't matter because they share the same panels"

Even put together it does not make sense considering Queen is at best high diff for King.
They're clowns lmao, Dont understand why the wing thing is important to them so much, anyways I now realise that half or more of the forum are high school dropouts.
A lot of them troll but in the end its just to prove to zoro fans that zoro will always be second strongest and sanji the third strongest no matter what, a lot of them get personally attacked like crybabies so they put him below other strawhats when in reality he is weaker then zoro and luffy and thats it.
Are yall goofies really saying kings base = queens hybrid just because hes standing next to him lmfaoo. Why would king go hybrid he literally has no reason to queen on the other hand was literally fighting sanji 1v1. Yall forgetting king and queen were fighting marco in there zoan forms earlier in the arc OMG DOES THAT MEAN KINGS ZOAN IS EQUAL TO QUEENS???:seriously:
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