Should MonsterZoro be banned?

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nice headcanons lmao

and he said :
hey i'm here if you want me , and queen ignored his ass lmao and went with King to marco .


King ignored his ass while queen took a blood lip from his attack and ignored his ass again and went to marco , nice twist of events you have there while you should say sanji got his ass saved by neko :suresure:

Sanji is slow asf that marco while exausted after fighting king and queen and healing ppl and stopping big mom he could still move faster than sanji to save zoro :suresure:

King ignored sanji's ass and queen did the same after he kicked him , King is more concerned about half dead Zoro than sanji who is kicking around :gokulaugh: btw Marco needed two hits to make Base King bleeding while with each hits he made queen bleeding hardly and saying it hurts a lot even Queen was taking sanji's hits as a massage :gokulaugh:
you are talking too much . ok just you can write sanji is bad. you are writing same sentence one hundred times. also dont try to laugh from ass. it must be hard. go mirror and face facts. we are bored like you.
No, because King notices they are trying to cure Zoro so he's back into action while Sanji is seemingly defeated without doctors around treating him.
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If you think it would have changed anything you are lying to yourself. The only reason why Marco is exhausted so early is because he had to deal with the two of them, he was already very tired while still facing the two of them and yet the only moment he gave up was when he had once again the two of them about to attack at once. Do the math.

Marco was there to prevent King and Queen from doing anything before Zoro and Sanji were plot-free to take them down, and the reason he's giving up so early is that he's exhausted from fighting the two of them. Simple as that.
It’s also like, we have no idea if King used haki or his hybrid against Marco or not because we didn’t see 99% of the fight. We saw King constantly switching between base and Zoan, so hybrid isn’t out of the question
My guess :

1) Inu vs Jack
2) Short fight Neko vs Peros pero
3) Sanji vs Queen / 4) Zoro vs King (could be a tag team)
5) Yamato getting destroyed (luffy comes back and save her)
6) Big mom vs Law and Kid (+ potential help)
7) Luffy vs Kaido (+ potential help) :kata:

I have my doubts on Inu winning or King/Queen being a tag team, otherwise I agree lol.

Add Apoo/Hawkins/Fukurokuju somewhere too. 4 more Numbers and Orochi will probably eventually be factors again. Plus wildcards like if the BMP are in Wano already when the island lands.


Magic Sword, Magic Swordsman, and Can Cut Anything
No I'm not...? How do you even reach that conclusion? Please, develop the logical schema there. It's about Zoro running away with doctors treating them to be more urgent (because he's about to be restored) than two people without assistance and not trying to leave the battlefield to recover.
because the logic is killing marco and sanji who have been defeated and then they kill zoro but they know than zoro is another level because they couldn't do at half than zoro has done to kaido
I think I am the only disappoint person. It is suck that Zoro takes timebomb Elixir to fight King. Such a waste. He has unfinished business to do with Kaido or at least big mom. He shows the best feat/potential among Supernovas but why the f Law/Kid are fighting BM but he's fighting with king.

Marco gas out is stupid. Sanji should be enough to tag team with him beating down calamities. Also King character is so boring.
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