Should MonsterZoro be banned?

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I'm not a big fan of Shiryu's hype yet cause I don't think he can get any stronger than this ...
but I understand he SHOULD get a hype ...
so I'm conflicted about him

but other than this (and Zoro wank :) ) seems like a perfectly reasonable order
I can see EoS Zoro vs Oden going like Mihawk vs Baratie Zoro

Can't see it being any harder than that tbh
King looking like a beast and the fight against Zoro will only elevate that.

• Durability, endurance and all the traits of ancient zoans fruit.

• Abilities derived from his race, related to fire. He conjured a fire ball that Marco stopped using the same technique he used to stop Kizaru's Yasakani.

• Clealry has the offensive power. When we see everything he can do (including his swordmanship techniques and special race techniques), it will be nothing short of amazing.

• Hasn't shown his hybrid form and will give a fight to a monstrosity like Zoro.

He is not close to emperor/admiral level or absurdities like that but he is strong as shit.

King > Katakuri.
Katakuri with his shit offense couldn't even damage avsolute trash line Luffy enough to K.O him
Reminder that even a Cracker Slash would have damaged Boundman worst than Katakuri's Awakened Power Mochi punches

Swordmen are Luffy's worst nightmare. Luffy performs badly against Lethal opponents. Even a single laser beam from Queen would have forced Luffy out of Boundman which is something Katakuri couldn't do
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