Should MonsterZoro be banned?

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am I too late to remind you people that... Sanji was failing to protect Zoro but was not using Raid Suit :laughmoji:
That is actually an interesting point. Sanji used raid suit against P1 to quickly do the job with stealth. However he is refusing to use it in such a serious fight. Could it be related to him knowing the relationship of Queen with Judge?
lets pretend like zoro never went all out until onigashima's rooftop battle.
lets pretend like zoro wasnt fighting an admiral in dressrosa albeit for a while.
lets pretend like enma didnt give him a major powerup.
lets pretend like zenkai boosts dont exist.

then yes, it is controversial.
How much time Zoro went all out before Onigashima ?

He fought Killer the fight was short Pica Monet and Hyouzou
It can't compete with Doffy Cracker and Katakuri

Like Luffy did both fought Fujitora Luffy even got better showings

Does Enma can compare with FS or AdCoA ? Those are most advanced type of Haki

You need to prove Zoro got a Zenkai Boost


The Rogue Prince
"King" is widely used by Japanese people^^
yeah but if their calling him lord of the flames ~ i think they'd use the kanji 王 for the lord part.

im not a japanese expert, i just did a couple of japanese courses at university but it seems to me that "キング" part refers to king's name and not "lord" since its in katakana and the name of the person in question is king.

king's original title was 火災のキング (kasai no king ~ which was translated as king the wildfire or king the conflagaration and not lord of the wildfire or lord of the conflagaration).
so similarily his new title that marco said 火炎のキング (kaen no king) should be translated as king of the flames or king of the fire.
Zoro stans are quick to recover hyping up king when a few days ago they were dragging kings name in the mud :kobeha:
No, the manga or Oda is hyping King up. Marco spent time fighting King alone not only couldn't he defeated King, he couldn't force him in use his swordsmanship or into hybrid mode.

Know that he fighting Zoro he gets more hype thanks to Zoro's rooftop feats.

King hasn't even show is if he has CoC/adv CoC, awakening, or if he was a former impel down Warden.
Just wait until Straw Hats vs Kaido!
i feel we have seen enough of kaido bullying luffy
We know luffys gonna win but it won’t hit that much considering kaido has still been fighting for hours (hopefully I’m wrong)

but zoro and sanji, when last did we see them together and this is gonna be their first high/extreme singular fight post time skip
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