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Never said Zoro can't block lmao, you literally lie again.

Clashing =/= blocking, Zoro can block by breaking 15 of his bones in the next time, %50 of Hakai from Kaido equals to 15 broken bones of Zoro, %100 Hakai; 30 broken bones, do the math troll. Zoro blocking Hakai for 1 second caused him to be half dead, while you think this is a feat that proves Zoro can clash with Kaido's CoC attacks, another epic fail for you.

Perhaps I should spell it again, but I doubt you will understand;

I said Kaido won't stop there and take Asura again, he will try to counter and overpower with his own CoC.

Zoro never showed the ability to use Asura more than 2 attacks, if its a mode, he would use it from beginning when he was desperate in Chapter 1008. Either Zoro is a retard, or can't use it all the time, if he is retard, that's fine too, he will get his bones broken every time then he will use Asura for only one time then gets KOed.

Kid - Killer obviously went after Big mom for strategical reasons, because they knew Zoro, Law and Luffy were going to deal Kaido, that's protecting each other you troll. Law also wasted his stamina by teleporting Zoro several times, that's also protecting.

''Zoro didn't best Kaido'' yes, ''Zoro bested himself on his own''.

Scarring someone doesn't mean getting hurt badly, especially when the person doesn't even fall into the ground and immediately stomps you in return, that means an outlier, it's not going to happen, because if Kaido counters it next time you get overpowered. Zoro couldn't even knock Kaido down.

Luffy's base CoC punches knocked Kaido down, imagine what happens if he starts using G3 and G4.

Luffy's base CoC punches clashed with Kaido's CoC attacks, and Luffy's bones didn't get broken, Zoro would have 15 broken bones, %50 of Hakai = 15 broken bones, %100 Hakai = 30 broken bones.

No answer for drunk Kaido? Yeah, I guessed so, you got debunked hard.

Yes, right after debunked very hard by me, you ran away.
Go troll someone else.


𝐊𝐨𝐤𝐮𝐭𝐨 𝐒𝐡𝐮𝐬𝐮𝐢
Yeah just saw it.
I think even if Luffy and Zoro were resisting, Law would still be able to switch them
Nah. I doubt it. Both Luffy and Zoro's Haki are superior to Law's.

If they insist on defence and focusing their Haki for the upcoming move/attack from Law they wouldn't get swapped.

Same deal with Doffy. Doffy just didn't bother to focus his Haki on defense because why he would waste Haki on swapping ability.
I don't think his AP is necessarily low. He did considerable damage to Queen with a no name fire ball.
Depends on how long the elixir will last
Oda created this narrative with chopper vs queen, that even though queen appears to be damaged the attacks still doesn't work, so it's hard to judge the AP of anybody who fight's against king and queen.

If onigiri wasn't enough to defeat king, it'll be a battle of attrition, untill zoro feels the effect and use his ultimate move like asura or sanzen sekai.
I mean what needs explanation is one thing.

Law could switch Luffy and Zoro around but not because he has stronger Haki. It's because they are not resisting it. But since Big Mom and Kaido had their Haki on prepared for incoming attack, + the fact their Haki is stronger they didn't get switched.

It's still fucking retarded since Kidd is currently fighting and using his Haki probably.

No matter how you look at it Oda is tarded with his decisions and retcons
It all depends on the level of haki in relation to these characters. Hody for example could bypass Luffy's CoA and bite him despite him using haki, while Hody didn't have haki.


Heavy Metal
@rerere @Pantheos and whoever follows Kidd.

Hawkins's ability is another retarded writing decision by Oda this time.

Hear me out.

Since as you probably realized it may not work on Yonko level characters since their Haki is stronger ( the same case with Law's powers ). Oda basically ( in theory ) tells you that Hawkins was this strong all along and the fact that he was fodderized by Law earlier and right now by Killer means nothing since Kidd's Haki is not strong enough to resist this type of power which is another bullshit.
why are connecting this with haki?

2 possible points:
1. Law could take the dolls apart by splitting himself or anyone else up. The doll would be splittet too and done. It got hinted in a small fight.

2. It is obvious that the damage Hawkins is receiving and killing him and his dolls is barely enough for kid to notice. So it seems the dolls only have the Defence of Hawkins himself, a glasscanon. You could kill these dolls with ease and tanking the damage as Yonko. Like kid is doing.


I will never forgive Oda
Hawkins vs killer is an indirect comparison betweem zoro's nitoryou and santoryou.

-Hawkins: nitoryou nigiri-samon
-Killer: santoryou ringoku onigiri
-Apoo: nitoryou iai shishi sonson

If you can fight on par with nittoryou, you're rooftop level, but you're still one shot material for santoryou though.

There's levels to this shit!!
Or killer is just weak
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