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However since sanjis better and faster than zoro he would've just dodged grabbing luffy along the way.
That's some bullshit, maybe if Sanji was in his raidsuit with light speed boosters, but outside of that Luffy is faster and his future sight was what detected Hakai.
Luffy could have evaded if it was just himself, but he had to waste time to warn the other SNs of his future sight detection.
You're so correct you've avoided every point made and not given a response
Resorting to childish digs instead lmfao
Lmao you made 1 single point. Who in their right mind would waste time typing out a valid and manga backed argument just for a zoro fan to ignore context and say they're wrong because it doesn't fit their headcanon?
Always check your facts before acting high.
didnt changed the fact that king and queen fight marco tho,,, thats alone already debunked king alone injuring marco, just like your statement before.

not to mention your own word saying that major chunk injury comes from king. It means that there a minor injury coming from elsewhere (chapter 1006 ~ marco vs king and queen). You debunked your own word saying that king alone injured marco

check your brain before acting high
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