Should MonsterZoro be banned?

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Sanji will handle the air fight and Zoro will handle the sword fight.
Well that doesn’t make sense

1. both King AND QUEEN use swords so Sanji shouldn’t be able to do anything to both of them according to your analysis

2. Zoro can fight King very easily. His attacks can cover city sizes in length.

3. Zoro already attacked king while Sanji is attacking Queen

4. King is stronger than Queen so of course Zoro fights king and Sanji fights Queen

Hehehe, dude, Zoro has fought flying opponents before. No big deal
It’s kind of a lose-lose situation.

If Sanji got KO’d in the raid suit then scaling him to Marco/first commander level is suspect.

If Sanji didn’t get KO’d in the raid suit then he’s a complete idiot for not bringing it out against Kaido’s top 2.
Well all characters are idiots in their own way where they try to hold back for their ego
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