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A pretty hype transition chapter with some minor character focus. Best part is we're back to a regular schedule.

The arc doomsday countdown begins. There's only 15 minutes until Onigashima completes the second half of its journey and reaches the capital. Retroactively, you can look at everything from 998 to 1021 as taking place within 15 minutes. However the dawn doesn't look like it's 15 minutes away, setting up Momo for his own hour of legend. An Odabox prouncing the Tobiroppo defeated is more or less the story itself calling the fights. Page One and Ulti don't get panels but they were already declared down in 1016. The interesting part is Who's Who's mask not crumbling to reveal his face. As the CP0 said they must confirm his death and possibly identify the body before they leave Wano, it would seem there is one special scene left for this cat.

Raizo's catching earlobe whips as the side character fights get serious. He explains his ninja way that a retainer should only serve a master he desires to die for even beyond death, so why is Fukurokuju loyal to Orochi? Because he's the current Shogun...just ignore his execution and new Shogun Yamato. And I thought big head was smart for attacking the one Raizo clone with bandages.

When a man can't point an arrow and monologue in peace without getting slashed in the face, you know this Pedro thing has gone too far. A Scabbard update reminds us that three samurai are down, three are fighting, and three in Denjiro/Kawa/Izo are stuck in limbo. Maybe one should have stayed behind to help Inu fight Jack. Neko vs Perospero comes with an interesting caveat in that this battle is taking place outside where Carrot and Wanda went down. I would really hate to be a candy man right now.

The magician's ace in the hole. Cut to Hawkins, lamentably, putting away his scarecrow form as he's nearly out of dolls and hasn't put a scratch on Killer in the process. Can't even play cards without extra lives. He remains arrogant as his current doll is Eustass (in the middle of a three way staring contest with Big Mom and Law), turning this fight into an intellectual challenge for the Massacre Soldier. This bluff didn't work against Law but this time sadistic Hawkins doesn't seem to mind dying for Kaido to pull one over on Killer.
Killer might gravely wound him by slicing Kid's fake arm. We're in trouble if Hawkins get desperate and points a blade at his own throat.

King and Queen the dynamic duo. I'm in awe of one physically imposing panel after another reminding us these two are almost as big as Jack and Kaido, even if a hybrid bracchio giving Queen barely half a meter in height is short of expecations. They dominate the battlefield roasting the traitors, knocking Sanji back, and seemingly depleting Marco which never happened in Marineford. Our burd got one final scene stopping King from unleashing his inner Akainu punch, what Marco couldn't do for Ace. The YC1 phoenix who was all over Marineford like a bad rash now takes a backseat and lets Luffy's wings take flight. What a glorious Zoro/Sanji moment.

A nice tidbit of lore regarding King's race this chapter gives me some ideas.

I find it facinating that Oda assigned elemental attributes to the three non-human races with the Fishmen having water manipulation, Minks with electricity, and now King's racial fire ability. Their strongest members just happen to be tied up in this arc with King + Inu/Neko + Jinbe/Jack. I could see their current circumstances as a result of a Void Century cleansing for fear of their monstrous apperance and abilities. The Fishmen escaped 10k meters under the sea, the Minks climbed on top a giant elephant constantly on the move and shrouded in mist, while King's race was not so lucky and got wiped out from the top of the Red Line where Mary Geiose was to be built. I cannot wait to find out the secrets behind this man.
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