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Mihawk is close to if not a yonko lvl fighter.

Zoro will surpass Mihawk meaning zoro will be close to if not a yonko level fighter
Zoro is Luffys right hand and Luffy will surpass Gol D Roger, he will be the strongest

One is Pirate king level the other is Yonko level.

Look man i aint got noting against you, I love Luffy as much as the other but no need to dowplay Zoro. If you are doing that simply because you hate Zoro fans i get it but its not worth it.

Its all love from me brother.
i get you bro, that’s why I said till he wins mihawk

glad we agree on something man🤝

Even @Pan D. A. Man is cheering! Zoro is the hope of the alliance :endthis:
You dare put imposter of the 'God' that is Pandaman, get your bitch ass from here :tchpepe:.
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Live floor in mayhem, the alliance is hanging on its last thread

Grandmaster has come to save the day :steef:
Have to do an 'Z vs S' even though Macro saved his life when he is unable to fight and Sanji fight them off too. Don't BS, Head Piece isn't canon as is 'Zoro one-shot the YCs' too :kayneshrug:.
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