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I just noticed Sanji and Zoro are fighting Zoans again like in Ennies Lobby!This arc seems to have some elements of Ennies Lobby,Alabasta and Thriller Bark...
Do you guys think Oda will off screen the yonko fights till the calamities are down,this would be a bad move wouldn't it?
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King's punch couldn't even move zoro. While king fucking threw raid suit sanji 50 meter away. In what world are they even close?? I am sick of the reddit agenda of they both are "almost equal". Because they are fighting side by side. By their logic in rooftop luffy and zoro are equal right?!!
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He never kept saying anything like that, foolish liar. He never said anything of the sorts.

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You would've made one hell of a politician, imagine taking one picture and not putting in context

Please mate, just stop, I don't like humiliating people you're just making yourself look like an idiot, no offense but that's what you are on the moment, an idiot, and you'll keep being one until you either admit you're wrong, or just shut up and act as if this whole conversation never happened so you can keep your sense of pride
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