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This is what people don’t understand about mangas and anime. When they introduce a villain they show them extremely powerful and their attacks one shot everyone. But when the time comes to actual fight those same attacks get tanked quite easily. It is because they are never consistent. Thunder Bagua one shot Luffy but latter the same attacks did almost nothing to them. If one piece would be logical than kid and law should have lost a long time ago against Big mom. But that isn’t the case.

relax, why you whining like a bitch.

big mom a yonko with a sword failed to leave a cutting wound on kid

red hair pirate cut kid's arm

the difference in strength/skill should be obvious you blind fuck.
you simple minded piece of shit...think for a minute before replying.
shanks' crewmates will never be stronger than a fucking yonko thats your garbage HEADCANON.
yassop, lucky roo benn beckman stronger than BM ? stupid fucking cunt

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A great chap. can't wait for more Wanji development . the guy is kicking up chunks of the floor while running away lmao. (i can't show the panels, there's some problem with the image icon)

But damn the integral part of the chapter was the tower card and how it intertwined with possibilities Hawkins thought, his own misconceptions and with his mockery of Kid's desire to topple a Yonko

This card right here the "tower card" seeing in the context and circumstance it was introduced in where Hawkins emphasizes the dread and the indomitable presence they have in general... (and the fact that it was showed in transition to Kid's villainous yet the sickest smirk) JUST SCREAMS

but also that Kid and law will guarantee the success of the allies by toppling BM.

i just can't.. WAITT

aside from that.. the Tower card not be a Kid exclusive development.. but the allies generally.. i wanna know how it will affect sanji and zoro

The cards seem to depend on logical possibilities and hard core facts.. i bet willpower and determination is a key in this game.

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