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With Tempera Udon, I'm thinking either King shot out his head after after he pulled it back and somehow came back to him, made a shockwave, or that his neck stretched fast in such a way that it looked like a beam, like Zoro said, but I'm not sure which.

"ZKK" lmaoooooo

RIP Zorotards :crazwhat:

This chapter show how a fanbase can be wrong about a character

"Zoro Is on oden's level"


"Zoro stronger than Luffy"


"Zoro >>> Katakuri"


"Zoro Yonko level"


Oden and zoro are the only one to scar Kaido and Zoro did it against the stronger form ✔

Luffy still hasn't matched the damage on Kaido Zoro has ✔

Based on portrayal and I introduction King Is stronger that Kat and Zoro fighting him so ✔

If it takes 2 Yonko to pit you out commission you're on the level of those yonko solo✔
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King has a better defense than Kaido. This means G4 Luffy attacks pre udon, would be a waste of time against King.
Which is why he never had a clash with him
Nah they had people expected apoo to die and still do cus he a scum snake coward asshole a waste supernova like Hawkins no ambition and won't play no important role in the story that what they was saying lol
I mean Oda writing his characters so that we think they're dead or about to die, like with Kinemon, unlike how everyone thought when Ace was freed he would've survived and left only to Donut hisself
Whenever Zoro has struggled his Fights have been 100x More Epic,You just Know this Fight will be epic and I just Hope Zoro doesn’t Rely On Oden’s sword too much. I want To see Zoro win on his own accord.

Most likely We’ll see Zoro Use CoC coating ? What do you think ?
There doesn’t seem to be anything else
@Finalbeta @Peroroncino
He'll get a black blade, he only has base CoC (with VERY poor control), and probably will only ever have base CoC, he'll not be a top tier like Roger/Luffy/Shanks/Kaido/Big Mom etc. he will be an inbetweener like Rayleigh/Mihawk/Shiryu.
Lmao Oda really titled it “Oden’s Sword”.

No respect for his new user lmao. I guess thats what Enma will always amount to….being “Oden’s Sword”.
I mean it is Oden’s sword afterall plus that song Hiyori plays she used to play it when Oden was alive and that was his favourite song.I’m guessing it’s the same song and Oden’s sould awakened in Enma
Rayleigh seemed to have crazy command over all the haki’s tho,Especially CoC
Yeah he had great base CoC, great range and could ko 100k fishmen, but he hasn't shown any sign of being able to split the sky unlike Roger/WB/Shanks/Kaido/BM/Luffy/(Rocks). He was the strongest right hand in his prime, but he still isn't someone who Kaido hallucinates as being a pirate competitor who can beat him.
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