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Excellent chapter

Whats up with this King hype even Queen is hyping him up to the heavens in the middle of his fight.

I really liked the events leading up to Zoro mastering Enma and thus advancing his CoC.
King doesnt seem fazed by this at all this could be a hint that he is a user of CoC too.
But King is about to get his ass kicked really bad man.


To find the All Blue!
I’m always glad to see Oda stripping Zoro back down to the basics of his character; a simple but loyal man who won the hearts of millions of fans through his dedication to Kuina and Luffy. Zoro really embodying the spirit of a master swordsman in this chapter, willing to put his life on the line to achieve his dreams.

King of course is getting all the attention this chapter, as he should, but let’s not ignore how Queen walked off Hell Memories and is still talking up King despite being on fire. Really great antagonists in an arc over saturated with mediocrity, wish we’d seen more of them earlier tbh.
Nah fam.
U telling me u aren't enjoying Orochi surviving until this point to force some "closure" with Hyori because Oda is more worried about his "checklist" of events instead of prioritizing a credible sequence of events that make sense and don't break immersion?
This was the best chapter in Wano :blush:

Zoro flashback even if short was so good, Oda did a fantastique job connecting the different story to describe how blade function.

Just wow:steef:

Zoro is official one of the strongest pirate more specifically he is one of the few handful powerful individual to use coating conqueror hacky for 3 blades insane

King fighting style is brutal but very effective, he is the right hand man of the strongest army in the world.

Last point Oda is telling us that blade are use for killing, we have a story in Wano that a lot characters desire to defeat this monster Kaido by taking his head. Maybe Oda is telling us that the secret to make it possible is to work with a blade. And who is caring this will?
Well is coming boy love that :blush::shocking:
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