Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Doflamingo has CoC and Awakening, two abilities hyped to the fucking moon in this arc alone. Kid and Law awakened their fruits and it's their last resort and CoC is wanked in this chapter.

Jack and Queen remain below Doffy until they can show something that puts them close. For now, Doffy is more comparable too YC1 than any commander below that.
Weakness that made him fodder to Boundman unlike the weakest YC3 Cracker who dominated Boundman


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So no mention of King having CoC too? That’s upsetting
No explicit confirmation just yet but that last line where King asks Zoro whether he is going to try to be a "king" too is a step in that direction.

Some unconfirmed spoilers also said they just straight up CoC clashed but let's wait for the detailed summary lol.


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Shockwave attacks are ultimately. more affective against durable opponent than blunt attack that basic logic and if merely blunt attack hurts you then a Shockwave one will be devastating.. recall Lucci's Rokogun

That's only true against Kaido since you need to bypass scales. Not against everyone else. You're actually making stuff up now.
I would change overall Kata with Marco for now but overall I see it similar
I have the feeling that Ben going be a insane strong powerhouse.
Like having a bounty who legit fits to a top tier(2-3B).
Imo I don't believe the gap is big, for now my ranking would go Ben>King>Katakuri>Marco.

Overall I think they are all pretty close to each other, with some being a bit more stronger than the others.
I don't get it. Do the spoilers state Zoro will use CoC coating? It just seems like "unlocking" CoC will be to control Enma. As in only the will of a CoC user can control it.

"Weak swordsmen who are not able to control swords are afraid of them and that is why they say they are cursed."

"Zoro: "What I lack is strength !!
Is it possible that Oden was able to use you easily even when you absorbed so much Haki? Huh, Enma? "

I don't know where Oda is going with this. We'll see. But this might not be a carbon copy of the Luffy scenario, but more of a "Zoro can use CoC" now thing.
Yeah, it's better that way, we don't want Zoro to go from being low diffed by Vergo to fight a commander type of PU.:risicheck:


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As are Akainu’s attacks. Just because King can survive in a dessert or the arctic doesn’t mean he can eat a meigou. Hell, Ace literally was fire and got merked by Akainu.
Akainu's attacks can be stopped but it's damn hard. He should decidedly manage to bypass his defence, it will be harder however. As for Kizaru's lasers, it might be impossible to according to manga news. 🤔
- Zoro: "What I lack is strength !!
Is it possible that Oden was able to use you easily even when you absorbed so much Haki? Huh, Enma? "

Zoro: "What should I do? Should I regulate my Haki? No ... I'll give you what you want !!"

I am curios guys, Zoro first reaction to why he cant tame Enma is: I lack strength. He reaches that conclusion because until now Zoro idea to tame Enma is to feed Enma with unlimited ryuo. And Zoro cant keep up with this strategy based on the past chapter. But Oden wasnt using the same strategy (so saying that Oden is much more stronger is wrong).

At the end Zoro reaches the conclusion that is not his strength the problem but like Zoro said : Should I control even more my ryou? No...I ll give you waht you want(coc)!! (around folder are getting knowdown) so coc.

I am reading it correctly?

Because the moment Zoro will achive the blacken blade he will surpass Oden (that what hitetsu said)
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